April 11, 2024

With Bambridge Accountants you Can Simplify the Accounting Process! Read our Interview with the Founder

Based in New York, Bambridge Accountants offer personal accountancy services for both American Self-employed professionals and British expats across the world. With their services expats and professionals find accounting process as less complex. What is unique about Bambridge Accountants is that they provide accounting services online. Therefore it is easy to get their services from anywhere in the world.

Recently we had opportunity to interview the team behind Bambridge Accountants. What they shared is inspiring. If you are an entrepreneur or dreaming with your entrepreneur ideas then this interview will motivate you towards achieving your entrepreneur goals.

Bambridge Accountants

1. Hello! Can you please tell us more about Bambridge Accountants?

We specialize in tax preparation and tax advice for actors, musicians, artists, writers, models, other creatives and US expats worldwide.

We have offices in London and New York and set up in 2010. Our staff are qualified tax advisers and accountants.

2. How do you think Bambridge Accountants is helpful for its clients?

Our philosophy is to provide tax advice in a friendly, clear and simple way. For many people, taxes are something they don’t want to think about and can be a cause for stress. We’re here to represent you and prepare your taxes efficiently so that stress can be reduced.

3. What inspired you to launch Bambridge Accountants?

We wanted to focus on creatives in the UK and US, demystifying tax and explaining the specific rules for those in the creative industries – there are many expenses you can claim as an actor for example that most people can’t claim. Naturally creatives move around for work and we built up a specialism in helping US expats and UK expats worldwide.

4. What makes Bambridge Accountants unique?

Our approach – friendly and clear advice so you understand you taxes and you are back in control. Tax rules constantly change and we’re here to explain those in a way that is simple and easy to grasp.

We deal with creatives and we take that approach in our work and how we are as a business – you’ll see we support the arts industry and their members.

5. Why did you decide to provide online accounting services for your clients? Do you think it has advantages?

Especially for US expats and UK expats, having a dedicated accountant as you live overseas makes your life nicer and you can maintain that relationship. By having an online accountant, US expats know they will have someone for the long term to work with and know their situation.

6. Do you have any advice for emerging entrepreneurs?

Especially in 2020 as the world is adapting to how we work, setting up your own business on your own or with a group of people that you want to work with is really rewarding and will allow you to push yourself to create something from the start. It is hard work, but it’s worth it and if you are dedicated that is a large part of being successful.

Connect with Bambridge Accountants by visiting the website : www.bambridgeaccountants.com

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