May 22, 2024

Meet Chris Bianchi – Musician, entrepreneur and founder of CB Entertainment and LEGEND Recordings

As a Worldwide Music and Entertainment Entrepreneur, Chris Bianchi is the founder of CB Entertainment and LEGEND Recordings. Founded in 2010, CB Entertainment is a hub for artists to grow their music and brand name. On the other way LEGEND Recordings is his record label. Behind these 2 successful businesses Chris Bianchi plays a major role as the founder.

Recently we had opportunity to interview him. His ideas are invaluable. In this interview Chris Bianchi shared his experiences as a young entrepreneur.

We are sure this interview with Chris Bianchi who is a Musician, entrepreneur and founder of CB Entertainment and LEGEND Recordings will inspire you.

Chris Bianchi - Musician, entrepreneur

1. Hello Chris! Can you please tell us about you?

Hello! My name is Chris Bianchi. I’m a Worldwide Artist Manager, Entrepreneur, and Record Label Owner from Cleveland, OH. I own and operate the companies CB Entertainment and LEGEND Recordings.

2. Please tell us more about your companies CB Entertainment and LEGEND Recordings.

CB Entertainment was founded in 2010 as a hub for artists of all kids to continue growing their music and brands. We offer in-house services ranging from Artist Management, Development, Marketing, Merchandise Printing and Design, Music Video services and much more!

LEGEND Recordings is my record label that offers all styles of music from heavy metal to pop. It would founded with my own true passion to release music that I loved. Our goal is simple, help the artists any way we can to continue growing great music and reaching the masses! We’re distributed globally through INgrooves/Universal Music Group.

3. As a musician, what are your reasons to be an Entertainment Entrepreneur?

I think for every person it’s a different answer and approach. For myself, being an entrepreneur came truly far before music did in my life. I was always very busy savvy as a child and even a young teenager. Music was my passion and hobby so I sort of found a way to merge the two loves with luck!

4. You are a Musician. On the other way you are an Entertainment Entrepreneur. How do you balance your career in both sectors as a musician and as an entrepreneur?

The musician side is my hobby and in my free time to still create. I started first and foremost as a musician and touring vocalist. However, the last decade my life is the business side of things. That’s what keeps the wheels turning and really excites me on a day to day basis. The music part now, is more of a way to relax and create.

5. With other Entertainment businesses available, what makes your services unique? How do you help other musicians to achieve their goals? 

Great question! I think a lot of companies don’t seem to have the hands-on life experience to service up and coming talent. That’s been a main focus for our company is helping the artists who are eager and or talented enough to really get a shot into the mainstream eyes so to speak. As a former signed, touring musician, I’m able to relate on all sides from the starting point all the way to the national and beyond level from experience. We operate as a family within the companies and truly are here for the musicians through the good and the bad. Not just for a fast pay day or to take some huge share in the artists career before their even earning themselves. Our unique factor is helping be an extra set of hands along the way to get from point A to point B (hopefully safely).

6. Would you like to share some advice for others who see you as an inspirational musician and a successful entrepreneur?

The most direct advice I would and do offer to anyone interested in either side is to open up your understanding of how things operate. Pay attention to solving your goals on reaching the Point A to B. Find the steps between and that is a huge key that can apply towards so many things. If you really are dedicated to something, you’ll find a way to learn, thrive, network and make it happen. Anything good never comes easy 99% of the time!

Be sure to visit me on Instagram @chrisbianchi1

We hope that you are inspired with the ideas shared by Chris Bianchi , Musician, entrepreneur and founder of CB Entertainment and LEGEND Recordings. You can connect with him via instagram :

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