June 19, 2024

With GlobalOwls you can Donate your Knowledge! Read our Interview with the Founder

GlobalOwls is a nonprofit organization which creates a platform for other charitable organizations. Through GlobalOwls, professionals can volunteer by assisting charitable organizations in solving their problems and helping to grow into a successful organization.

Recently we had the opportunity to interview the founder of GlobalOwls.He shared with us the reasons he founded such organization and the services they offer for nonprofits and charities.

Below is our interview with the founders, we hope you would like to know more about this organization and their strategies in inventing such a new concept.


 1. Hello! Can you please tell us more about GlobalOwls?

On GlobalOwls, professionals can donate their time and knowledge to helping nonprofits, charities and social enterprises and these great organizations receive one-on-one advice for free. It’s a great win-win situation. Professionals love to give back to their community and world-changing organizations become more effective with their digital channels.

2. Why do you think a community like GlobalOwls is essential for charity organizations?

Nonprofits, NGO’s and Social Enterprises often have a huge talent shortage and can’t get the expertise they need. On GlobalOwls, they can tap into a pool of great minds and get advice on how to improve their digital channels so they can become more effective.


3. What inspired you to start such a community for charity organizations?

I love helping others. I always knew I wanted to start a charity, I just didn’t know which cause I should pick.

As a marketer, I thought of giving free advice to organizations committed to doing good. From my experience with “platform design” I thought it would be much more beneficial if I could inspire thousands of other professionals to give advice too. That’s a much more scalable way to help thousands of nonprofits.

4. What makes GlobalOwls unique?

World-changing organizations could read a lot of books, or blogs about improving their digital channels, but the community on GlobalOwls provides one-on-one tailored advice. For free! ?


5. Can you share your strategies in facing the challenges which can be helpful for other emerging entrepreneurs?

What I often see is that young entrepreneurs have way too big plans which will stop them to take that first step. The journey becomes too daunting. Start small, learn from your target audience and build something together with the ones that will love it. Don’t be scared. Just take baby steps when needed.

Please check more about them by visiting www.globalowls.com



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