April 11, 2024

Interview With the Authors of Award Winning Techno Thriller Series, The Enigma Series!

The Enigma series is an award winning Techno Thriller series written by Breakfield and Burkey.Together with technology, romance, humor and history, this Techno Thriler series could attract readers from around the world.

Recently we had the opportunity to interview the authors of The Enigma series. Below is the interview we had. Hope this author interview will inspire you!

Interview with the Authors of Award winning Techno Thriller Series, The Enigma Series
Charles Breakfield

1. Hello! Can you please tell us about yourself?

Breakfield and Burkey are seasoned technologists who have worked with high tech manufacturers in the Unified Communications and advanced Contact Center space.  With 25 plus years on the bleeding edge of technology innovation, we are now poised to witness a new technical golden age that will offer up some new material for our fictional stories. We have ridden out the Dot.Com boom and bust, watched whole industries change, and helped shape the direction of some of that technology. It has been fun steering the adoption of some of this advanced technology to Fortune 100 and 500 companies. Our education and work experience give us an interesting perspective on consumer adoption and risk tolerance.

 2. What inspired you both to write ‘The Enigma Series’?

When we began writing non-fiction tech manuals and then how to books, we recognized that the speed of technology freshness would be better explained in a fictional venue.  In other words, we know how it should be consumed but what if the application was distorted and used for evil? Today’s Internet and Social Media venues clearly provide a battlefield of hackers versus cyber good guys.  We wanted to help convey our experience with technology applied in the scenarios consumers face on a daily bases.  Plus, it is far more fun to tell a story than write technical documentation.

3. What is the message that you convey through this book Series?

First and foremost, we love storytelling.  It is the oldest method of conveying information, gaining insights, and well teaching.  Each story in our series has a main focus. For example, The Enigma Factor has a focus on Identity Theft, whereas The Enigma Gamers is on Gamification and Virtual boundaries of digital interactions. We explore relevant technology in today’s setting blended with romance, intrigue, mystery, humor, travel and fun. Honestly, storytelling is number one for us!

Interview with the Authors of Award winning Techno Thriller Series, The Enigma Series
Roxanne Burkey

4. Why did you both want to be published authors?

Breakfield and Burkey have published white papers and non-fiction documents/books for years.  The fun of doing fiction is the ability to simply use our knowledge of the technology field and mix it with stories which, for the most part, we have lived.  People are great studies for stories and with a backdrop of technology it is so much fun. To be honest we use real stories in our technical careers to convey concepts to our customers so you should know it works in the fictional areas as well.  You can only reach so many people in an oral story telling situation so if you want to reach more folks, you need to be published.  That’s where we are in our careers.

5. Do you ever suffer from writer’s block like many other writers? If so, how do you overcome it?

We do have writer’s block at times, but one of our co-authoring advantages is that we can typically talk through it and find a way around a problem. We bounce ideas and problems with a story or a direction off one another until we find the right way to proceed.  We call it literary ping-pong. For us it works!

6. Do you have any advice for emerging writers and entrepreneurs?

Breakfield and Burkey have been entrepreneurs and authors over the years.  The best advice is to not give up, follow your dreams and seek the council of experienced people.  People provide a wealth of ideas which each of us can extract some nugget of value from.  Press on and work hard to see your dreams become reality.  Course they might change direction along the way or your dreams might change you!

Check more about the authors and this award winning book series by visiting : www.enigmabookseries.com

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