June 19, 2024

Interview with Chris White, Co-Founder of Emotions Market: A Classified Ad Board For Multisensory And Emotion-Provoking Experiences

Chris White is one of the co-founders of Emotions Market which is a classified ad board for multisensory and emotion-provoking experiences. The main objective of Emotions Market is to provide a platform for people who are interested in becoming entrepreneurs to become experience creators. With such effort, Emotions Market works as a P2P platform where creative entrepreneurs can build their businesses with zero cost on the platform. Recently we had an opportunity to interview Chris White, one of the co-founders of Emotions Market. He shared more about Emotions Market and its services including advice for emerging entrepreneurs. Below is our interview with him.

Interview with Chris White, Co-Founder of Emotions Market

1. Hello! Please tell us about yourself.

My name is Chris White. I am from Kent, UK. I co-founded Emotions Market and I believe it will help millions of people to live better lives by releasing negative emotions in healthy ways.

2. The purpose of the Emotions Market is to offer sensory and emotion provoking experiences to others. What inspired you to launch such a platform through Emotions Market?

People in the UK are very reserved in terms of expressing their emotions, which is causing emotional suppression, unhappiness, and health problems. People in southern counties are much more open in expressing their emotions, but British cultural values forbid people from releasing their negative emotions publicly.

The purpose of Emotions market is to offer a platform to people, wishing to become entrepreneurs – experience creators. Those, who can create and run emotional and sensory experiences of others, are invited to post their listings for free on the Emotions market until the end of 2023. And what is even better – The emotions market is an ad board, not a marketplace – allowing creators to make listings, provide their contacts, and get a do-follow link, so they can deal with customers directly, the way they want to run their business. There is no control, no fees – the only requirement is that the experience must relate to senses and emotions.

3. Please tell us more about the Emotions Market and its services.

Emotions market is a place to advertise your P2P experiences as long as they relate to senses or emotions. It could be a blindfold experience that you offer, ASMR, sound healing, sensory treatments, and play experiences. It could be an emotional experience, such as scream therapy, demolition, or assisting someone with an emotional release.
Until the end of 2023 all posting services are free, so if you even wanted to offer someone a unique sensory or emotional experience – this is your chance. We offer £25 optional testing service for the experiences.

4. Through the services of Emotions Market, how do you plan to help people and communities?

We aim to give creative individuals an opportunity to build their businesses with zero costs.
We want to help creators to help their communities, by offering people stress relief services.

5. What are the challenges that you faced in your journey as the founder of Emotions Market? How did you overcome these challenges?

Our main challenge is the fact that we are building the market. We do not plan to make lots of money on Emotions Market – but rather want to do good to the community.
We would therefore appreciate any help we can get to promote our services to creative and caring individuals across the globe.

6. As an entrepreneur, would you like to share some advice for others who want to become entrepreneurs?

Go for it. You will make mistakes; you will make money too.

To read more about Emotions Market and their services, visit the website: www.emotions.market

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