June 19, 2024

Interview with Herlia Adisasmita, Marketing Director & Co-Founder of Prodigi Nusa Sekawan Restaurant Consultant

Prodigi Nusa Sekawan is a reliable restaurant consultant located in Bali, Indonesia which provides necessary support to grow Food & Beverage businesses. This restaurant consultant company is launched by a group of young entrepreneurs when they decide to share their knowledge gathered during the years of experience in food and beverage industry.

Recently I could interview one of the founders of Prodigi Nusa Sekawan.She is Herlia Adisasmita and at present she is the Marketing Director of Prodigi Nusa Sekawan. Below is our interview and I am sure her ideas will inspire you all in your  entrepreneur journey!

Herlia Adisasmita

1. Hello Herlia! Can you please tell us about yourself?

I am Herlia Adisasmita and I am a digital enthusiast. I also like outdoor sports and photography is my hooby. I am also one of the founders of Prodigi Nusa Sekawan restaurant consultant.

 With over 18 years’ of experience in different industries including Information Technology and Hospitality, at present I work as the Marketing Director of Prodigi Nusa Sekawan.

2. Why did you decide to launch Prodigi Nusa Sekawan restaurant consultant together with your team members? What inspired you?

We found the necessity of a reliable restaurant consultant in Bali. There are people who like to open a restaurant but they are lack of necessary knowledge related to business set up, marketing and operation.

With the years of experience we have in food and beverage industry we can help the restaurant owners and those who like to open their own restaurant with necessary consulting such as brand creation, financial planning and menu planning.

These ideas inspired me to join the founding team to launch our Bali based restaurant consultancy, Prodigi Nusa Sekawan.

3. How do you think Prodigi Nusa Sekawan is helpful for its clients?

Prodigi Nusa Sekawan is helpful for business owners in Food and Beverage industry in many ways. We also help entrepreneurs who like to launch their own restaurant or café with necessary consultancy. Our services include consultancy for Restaurants & Cafes Setup, branding and re-branding, online marketing and management consultancy. Therefore Prodigi Nusa Sekawan is a helpful business for its clients who seek a reliable restaurant consultant in order to grow their business.

4. Do you have any advice for emerging entrepreneurs?

Chase your dream. Never give up with your idea. Be on a proper plan to achieve your goals and focus on what you are doing.

You can connect with Herlia Adisasmita by visiting the company website: www.prodigibali.com

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