June 19, 2024

Interview with Julia Bornkessel – Freelance Photographer from Berlin

We interviewed Julia Bornkessel recently who is a 28 year old photographer from Berlin. She has captured the moments of many personal including actors, politicians and even models. Julia’s creativity with her camera is amazing and you should check her photography to see the difference. Don’t forget to check her photography efforts for fashion magazines.

Below is our interview with Julia Bornkessel and read it to find out what she has to share with us!

Julia Bornkessel

1. Hello Julia! Please tell us about yourself

Hey, I’m Julia Bornkessel, a 28 year old photographer who lives in Berlin. I mainly have actors or politicians in front of my lens, but I also shoot fashion series for magazines more often

2. What inspired you to become a freelance photographer? Please share more about your journey.

It was actually never planned. It kind of turned out that way. I’ve always been a very creative person and it was clear to me that my job would also be creative. After leaving school, I started training as a design assistant. My partner at the time bought us a camera for vacation and then quickly lost interest in it. I then dealt with this camera and first of all started taking pictures of friends. I then had a lot more fun than drawing in my training. I then taught myself photography as part of my training. Then I went to Berlin to study media technology. In addition, I was able to earn my living as a student with photography. I have graduated now and my photography is going great.

Photo Credits: Julia Bornkessel Photography ( https://www.julia-bornkessel.de/)

3. With other photographers available in the market, what makes Julia Bornkessel’s photography unique?    Please share more about how your photography is different from others.

There are a lot of great photographers. In Berlin in particular, I was very lucky to meet a lot of fantastic colleagues. And despite the large number of photographers, everyone has their own signature. I would describe my style as rather clean. However, photography isn’t just about your pictures, as crazy as that is. But also about who you are as a person. And my personality paired with my clean photography have brought me great, exciting jobs in recent years.

4. Did you face any difficulties or challenges when you decide to become a freelance photographer? As a young female entrepreneur, how did you face the challenges?

When I was thinking about becoming a photographer, I was already training to be a design assistant and didn’t really think about studying photography. My plan was to teach myself the craft myself.

And when you start out as a hobby photographer, you still have a relatively large number of women around you. But the more professional you become, the fewer women you have around you as colleagues. At press events e.g. you have many male photographers on site. And unfortunately I often had unpleasant encounters that as a female photographer you weren’t taken seriously. But at the latest when the colleagues saw my finished photos, they were calm.

You have to make the best of it and not let yourself be disturbed. There is no point in acting angrily or aggressively to somehow assert yourself. But you don’t have to let yourself get down. It is always good to know what you can do and to have a realistic view of the situation. And in the end photography is not a team sport either, everyone can shine on their own.

5. As a female entrepreneur, would you like to share some advice for others who want to become freelancers or their own boss?

Be brave and a little different. Things that you perceive as a strange habit or a weakness of yours can also be cleverly branded or simply used to your advantage. And just don’t let yourself be persuaded how things should be and how they shouldn’t. You can have your own ideas. Even before that, only grows a thick skin;)

To read more about Julia Bornkessel -who is a freelance photographer from Berlin,check the website: www.julia-bornkessel.de

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