June 19, 2024

Interview with Karim Mokhtar : Web Entrepreneur and Founder of Malqart

Recently we interviewed Karim Mokhtar who is a California based web entrepreneur. He is the founder of Malqart which is a platform that connects business owners with leads, partners, and investors all around the world. Malqart is launched under its parent company Mokhtar Group.

As a well experienced entrepreneur, Karim Mokhtar’s journey is inspiring. And below is our interview with him. 

Interview with Karim Mokhtar

1. Hi Karim, can you please introduce yourself to our readers?

Hi there and thank you for inviting me to your nice entrepreneurs’ site and I wish you guys success. My name is Karim Mokhtar, I am a web entrepreneur from California and was born and raised in Carthage, North Africa.

2. Awesome, thank you Karim. We have heard that your team and you are working on a couple of new products that are a little different that your previous ones. Can you tell us about this?

Yes, of course. Our main new project is Malqart, currently under Mokhtar Group, Inc. the parent company, but going to become its own entity in 2021. Malqart is a platform that connects business owners with leads, partners, and investors all around the world for a fraction of the cost thanks to our innovative business methods and the technology we use.

3. Allow me to say that the word Malqart is quite unique and different. Does it have a specific meaning?

I agree, it is unique and rare these days, but if you lived 2200 years ago this word would not sound unusual at all to you. Malqart was the Carthaginian and Mediterranean god or trading and international commerce. In fact, the word market in English was directly derived from the word Malqart.

4. Interesting! so tell me Karim, when I looked at Malqart’s site and social media, I noticed that there is a clear emphasis on diversity and globalism within Malqart’s culture. Am I correct? and if so, why is that?

You are totally right. I have a team of hundreds of professionals from all over our planet and speaking over 20 languages. The internet is really a fantastic thing, isn’t it? We managed to build a very solid team in 4 continents without leaving our home offices due to COVID-19. To me, as a North African American myself, having an ethnically and culturally diverse team is not only the spirit of America and my natal country, Tunisia, but is also highly beneficial to our clients seeking to do business abroad. We speak several languages, we understand almost all the human cultures, and we are experienced and certified professionals. You cannot beat that!

5. I also saw that Malqart made it this week to the top 30K world business organizations in the Crunchbase ranking out of 55+ million companies. Congratulations! Where do you guys see Malqart in 2021?

Thank you! Yes, we are excited about all of this. It feels good to be recognized. First, we hope 2021 will be a safer and healthier year for everyone. Our goal in 2021 is to grow our sales exponentially while growing our clients and partners revenue. We are also partnering up with several amazing startups in Africa and we want to see them all succeed.

To read more about Karim Mokhtar and Malqart platform,check the website www.malqart.com

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