May 22, 2024

Interview with Macy Schuchart: Founder of Ancient Bliss, Educate and Empower You through Herbal Supplements

Macy Schuchart is the founder and CEO of Ancient Bliss which is a company that provides natural products that are backed by health research and ancient indigenous wisdom. Recently we had an opportunity to interview her regarding her entrepreneurial journey and business success. Below is our interview and we hope that her advice and challenges will encourage you to be a successful entrepreneur.

Macy Schuchart

1. Hello! Please tell us about yourself.

Hi, My name is Macy.  I am really inspired by ancient wisdom, the natural healing process of the body, and the nutrition nature provides through fruits, vegetables and herbs. This had led me to launch an organic herbal supplement company called Ancient Bliss.

2. What inspired you to launch Ancient Bliss?

I have always been interested in and highly fascinated by the natural healing process of the body. I am a big fan of supplements, and as I was looking to find a brand that fit my highly strict requirements, I found that a lot of supplement brands (especially on amazon) weren’t very connected to their products. This inspired me to make my own brand so I could know exactly what I was consuming. I also wanted to incorporate organic and alkaline herbs, which were hard to find on the market at the time.

3. Please tell us more about Ancient Bliss and its services.

With Ancient Bliss we provide herbal supplements that heal the body & mind. The ingredients and process of creation are taken from ancient indigenous wisdom and health science. The products we serve guarantee to improve the health and happiness of the customers.

We have numerous clients who are happy with the product and are sharing their experiences with their friends and family. Our aim is to serve the best organic supplements that create a positive impact. Every supplement is made in an NSF GMP-registered dietary supplement manufacturing facility. The products are of high quality and provide effective results within a short period.

4. What are the challenges that you faced in your journey as the founder of Ancient Bliss? How did you overcome these challenges?

Most of the challenges i’ve faced were associated with self-doubt. I overcame these by doing inner-work and constantly fueling myself with people who would inspire me and lift me up. Patience is a big part of building a business from the ground up, and mindset is key. By keeping a positive mindset it is easier to stay consistent. I did this by visualizing and focusing on the outcome, not on “what currently was” The best way to do this is to train the brain to only visualize a successful outcome, and leave no room from “What ifs” or worst case scenarios. By going all in and believing in yourself, you leave no option but to succeed.

5. As an entrepreneur, would you like to share some advice for others who want to become entrepreneurs?

My biggest piece of advice for entrepreneurs would be to not rush. Give yourself the luxury of time to go inward and find what makes you feel good, what makes you feel alive. Figure out what it is that sets your soul on fire, and follow that feeling as far as you can go. You can’t force a quality business idea, and sometimes the most “productive” thing you can do is to just feel good and do what you enjoy. When we are in a non resistant state, we open the door for new ideas and develop a deeper clarity and understanding of ourselves and what we want to bring to this world. This was difficult for me to understand. I remember being 20 and wanting to start a business so badly. I would pull out my notebook and brainstorm ideas for hours every day, I read countless business books, and I was always searching online and trying to find an idea. It took me a while to realize, but once I let go and started focusing on my passions and wellbeing, I let go of resistance. I took some time away and devoted myself to learning the ancient process to heal the human body with herbal ingredients. (This took many years and came in many different forms!) What I later came to realize was the challenges and risks I took to pursue my passion allowed the ideas to flow to me.

Thanks, Macy for this interview.

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