May 22, 2024

Interview with Shaun Leon Bath & Beauty Founders

Handcrafted by using natural oils, minerals and botanicals Shaun Leon Bath & Beauty ensure to provide the best beauty products for their customers. Ranging from hair oil, skin oil to soothing bath salt you can find a wonderful natural product collection when you shop with Shaun Leon Bath & Beauty.

Recently we had opportunity to talk with the founders of this beauty brand. These Brooklyn based entrepreneurs are a mother and daughter combination that inspire other female entrepreneurs around the world.

Their entrepreneurial journey is inspiring.

Here is the interview we had with the founders behind the beauty brand Shaun Leon Bath & Beauty to inspire you with new ideas!

Interview with Shaun Leon Bath & Beauty Founders

1. Hello! Can you please tell us about yourself?

Shaun Leon Beauty was created in 2018 in Brooklyn New York by Leona and Shaunya Hartley who are also mother and daughter. They have long been lovers of beauty products and fragrance, but their original background was in finance (Leona) and fashion (Shaunya)

Shaun Leon Bath & Beauty
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2. What inspired you both to launch ‘Shaun Leon Bath & Beauty’?

We had separate businesses jewelry (Leona) vintage (Shaunya) but after a trip to France where they visited a perfume factory and Champagne house, they had an aha moment to collaborate and they knew their love of natural beauty products would be their baby.

Interview with Shaun Leon Bath & Beauty Founders

3. How do you think Shaun Leon Bath & Body is helpful for its clients?

Shaun Leon Beauty is transparent. We are a self-care line doesn’t have a ton of bells and whistles.  Basically, we don’t play on our clients’ insecurities, we are more like- try this, it will make you smell, look feel great. So many beauty brands play on people’s flaws. We want our clients to practice an all over self-care and wellness journey.

Shaun Leon Bath & Beauty products

4. With other similar businesses available, what makes Shaun Leon Bath & Beauty unique?

The first is that we are small batch, so we can control our product quality. We usually make at most 20 of each product so we keep an eye on what worked, what isn’t working.

We really believe in and understand everything that is in our products. We know we need stabilizers for our Softest Ever Body Butters, so we made we had one that was hyper-allergenic.  Each oil that we use has a specific benefit. The essential oils used for fragrance, we studied specific scents that are loved by a huge population so every scent we work with, we have a connection to and understanding. We in some shape or form use our entire line daily.  We are always looking for ways to promote, to brand, package, source ingredients, bottles.

5. Do you have any advice for emerging entrepreneurs?

Take good care of your customer and be aware that they could have gone somewhere bigger and cheaper, but they came to so, appreciate them.

You can connect with Leona and Shaunya Hartley by visiting their website:

Connect with them via instagram: @shaunleonbeauty

Twitter : @shaunleonbeauty

Image credits: Aisha Ude Photography (

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