June 19, 2024

Interview with Team Sigmund Home : Specialists in Creating Sleep Products

Sigmund Home is a Singapore based business that specialises in creating sleep products which are the best for both comfort and alignment. Their mattresses and pillows are all orthopaedic approved. As per Sigmund Home, they have done multiple rounds of testing to create products with the best alignment for your spine while improving the posture.

Recently we interviewed the team of Sigmund Home as we are interested to know about their entrepreneur journey. Below is the interview we had and we hope you like to read it as well.

Sigmund Home

1. Hello! Can you please tell us about Sigmund Home?

Sigmund Home specialises in creating sleep products that are the best for both comfort and alignment. Our mattresses and pillows are all orthopaedic approved after multiple rounds of testing, creating the best alignment for your spine and improving your posture.

2. Why did you decide to launch Sigmund Home? What inspired you?

Sigmund Home was established due to our search for a great sleep. When we realised people sleep for a third of our lives, we knew we had to come up with a product that would make a difference.

Back and neck aches from long office hours spent hunched over a computer and studying late hours gave us the wake up call we needed. We already had enough body aches during the day, so why not make the bed a refuge for you to rest, recharge, and help take away the troubles of the day. Good quality mattresses and pillows were all very expensive, which made no sense to us. We felt that people shouldn’t need to spend so much to enjoy a good night’s sleep.

3. Sigmund Home claims to offer the Singapore’s most comfortable mattress. Can you share more details about this? Isn’t it challenging?

All good things come at a price. Coming up with a mattress that matched our expectations, and was both comfortable AND good for your posture was challenging, but we believed it was worth it. Plus, we are competing with so many big brands that are charging a lot more than us. So it’ll be less profitable for us, and we are ok with that.

 The most important things are the material and structure. Not only do we have a hybrid material for maximum durability and support, but the springs inside help maintain the shape and cushion your spine too. The important thing was finding a balance between offering sufficient support and ensuring the mattress stayed soft and breathable so you could have a comfortable night’s sleep.

4. With other similar services available in Singapore, what makes Sigmund Home unique?

We are orthopaedic approved, so you know it isn’t just empty words that our mattresses help in alignment! We also have express one hour delivery, so if your old bed suddenly gives up on you, we’ll be here to help! Our mattress is the ideal 7/10 firmness, so it cushions and aligns your spine, and if you pair it with our ergo tencel pillow, your neck is also supported!

5. In which ways  Sigmund Home is helpful for its customers?

We are a one-stop solution for all things sleep. We don’t believe in just blindly heading for profit, we want to create a product that we can be proud of, that will make a difference to the lives of our customers. Our mission is simple, we want to help people to enjoy good quality sleep. Which is why we offer a 120 night sleep trial. We believe something so important deserves a trial, and because we have faith in our product. We want customers to be sure that they are more than satisfied with our products, and if they are not, we are happy to take the mattress back.

6. Please share your advice for emerging entrepreneurs?

You have to have the passion for what you’re doing, and the heart for your customers. Your values will always shine through in your products, and people who purchase them will be able to see it. It is always better to have a lifelong customer than many people who buy but are not satisfied with your products.

To read more about Sigmund Home and it’s products ,visit the website: www.sigmundhome.com

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