June 19, 2024

Interview with Abi Togunde, Founder of Classy Technology

Classy Technology is a Michigan based woman owned business which provides technology consulting services for its clients. Abi Togunde, founder of Classy Technology is a young entrepreneur and technology professional who aims in providing technology support to local businesses in different areas.

Recently I had the opportunity to interview her regarding her success and challenges as an entrepreneur. In this interview she shares her journey and success as a woman entrepreneur which is truly an inspiration for anyone who loves becoming an entrepreneur!

Interview with Abi Togunde, Founder of Classy Technology

1.Hello! Can you please tell us about yourself?

Of course. Hello! My name is Abi Togunde and I reside in Detroit, Michigan. I’m originally from Ithaca, New York. I’m a 26 year old enthusiastic technology and marketing professional/entrepreneur. I have over 5 years of experience in the technology industry, and I’m a proud owner of a technology agency called “Classy Technology.” 

In addition to my academics and business, I’m a fun-loving, friendly, and adventurous character who loves to travel and explore the beauty of the world. I’m always in awe of opportunities to help and guide others, especially the younger generation or youth who are in the pursuit of success. I’ve always participated heavily in both professional and academic conferences and events, and I’m also an active member of associations such as National Association of Professional Women, Epsilon Pi Tau Technology Society, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and NAACP.

2. Why did you decide to start Classy Technology? What inspired you?

I was inspired to start Classy Technology after noticing that many local/offline businesses were struggling with lead generation. After getting to know many business owners, I found that many were not using technology to generate leads which resulted in a lack of foot traffic. I wanted to see local businesses thrive, especially because they fuel the local economy. I decided to focus on using my experience in business technology to consult, guide, and coach new and aspiring business owners, while assisting them to solve their business problems and issues with technical solutions and creative digital marketing strategies.

3. How do you think Classy Technology is helpful for its clients, specially for small business owners?

Classy Technology’s services are extremely helpful for local businesses owners because it’s important that they know how to survive in today’s busy and fast-paced digital world. From creating a dynamic web presence, marketing your business online, managing customer orders, and utilizing creative methods to connect with customers– there is a lot to do.

Technology won’t guarantee the success of a business. The business owner needs a viable business idea. But technology can help them reach more people and grow their customer base faster. It can help them simplify or automate their business processes, so they have more time. And using the wrong products or struggling to understand tech or marketing strategies is wasting time and costing money.

That’s where we come in.

We design technology systems & strategies that are simple, attractive, and beneficial for you.

4. With other website design and digital marketing services available in the market, what makes Classy Technology unique? How is Classy Technology different from its competitors?

What makes us different is how we approach technology, as well as how we execute our projects. We call ourselves “The Technology Stylists.” 

We support and style technology for our clients by:

  • Selecting the perfect “technology wardrobe” (finds the right systems, tools, and strategies) for them, so their business looks and operates fabulously
  • Showing them how to use what they’ve already got and “work it” — instead of feeling like their tech is working them
  • ‌Taking care of the technical heavy-lifting so they can sit back, relax, and focus on growing their business

Other technology agencies focus primarily on lead generation and “the numbers”, rather than building relationships with clients and teaching them about how tech can help them grow.

Our unique approach to technology and digital marketing has allowed us grow rapidly, while building relationships with passionate entrepreneurs.

5. Did you face any difficulties or challenges when you decide to launch Classy Technology? As a female entrepreneur, how did you face the challenges?

Definitely. When I decided to launch Classy Technology – it was difficult to establish myself in an industry full of seasoned professionals. I knew I had to prove that I was knowledgeable in technology, so I focused on educating myself, with tech certifications, online courses, and coaching sessions. This allowed me to educate leads about the benefits of the services I planned on offering, as well as growing my social media following, which helped establish trust for my brand online.

Another challenge I faced is learning how to work “on my business” rather than “in my business.” I hired project managers and developers in order to work on client projects, so I had time to focus on lead generation tasks.

6. As a young female entrepreneur, would you like to share some advice for others who want to become entrepreneurs?

My advice to anyone who wants to become an entrepreneur is this:

  • Learn, learn, learn! You need to become an expert in the industry you want to start a business in
  • Look for a mentor in your industry; ideally someone who is in the position you aspire to be
  • Build your portfolio so you can build credibility
  • Don’t get intimidated by successful people’s lives on social media; use their success as fuel
  • Bootstrap your business – loans and investors are fine if you absolutely need to go that route; there is nothing wrong with taking on a part time job while you’re building your business; whatever it takes!
  • Network, network, network! – Connect with like-minded entrepreneurs in and outside of your industry; you can learn a lot from people as well as forming referral partnerships
  • Enjoy your life in the process – just because you’re building a business doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy life…make sure you don’t burn out!

You can connect with Abi Togunde and Classy Technology by visiting their website and social media platforms.

Website:  www.classy-technology.com
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/classytechnologyllc/

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