May 23, 2024

Interview with Andy Jacob, one of America’s Leading Startup Business Consultants

Hello, today we are very excited to interview Andy Jacob, one of America’s leading startup business consultants. Andy is known for quickly and efficiently delivering powerful answers to some of the toughest business questions for startup entrepreneurs.
While we have Mr. Jacob for a very short period of time due to his schedule, we are going to do a quick fire round interview.
Mr. Jacob is known for solving startup business problems for his clients very quickly and efficiently.

Interview with Andy Jacob

Andy, we have a lot of young entrepreneurs in the entertainment industry that will be reading this, so we wanted to get some insight into an entrepreneurs mindset by interviewing you.

1. Andy, what’s your nickname?

My real name is Andrew Jacob, but my friends call me Jake. Startup entrepreneurs call me day and night.

2. Andy, what’s the your favorite business idea right now.

I like any business where the founders are actually talking about paying customers! How refreshing!

3. Andy, What’s your business motto?

Always be kind to waiters and waitresses! They will be the ones eventually buying your product or service. And good karma rules!

4. Andy, talk to us about competition.

Unlike most people, I think competition is a great thing. Remember, every race becomes a two horse race.

5. What is your number one accomplishment?

Having the courage to ask my wife out for a date 20 years ago.

6. Andy, you have received a lot of buzz about your ”Beautiful Startup Quiz”. How does it work?

Very simple. Every entrepreneur needs to answer my 11 most important questions to succeed.
And most, importantly, I give the 11 questions away for free.
Answers are another story!

7. Why did you launch The Andy Jacob’s Beautiful Startup Quiz for free.

Why Not?

8. Andy, what are your favorite two words?

Why Not?

You can connect with him by visiting his website:

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