May 23, 2024

Interview with Erez Sitelcool, Author,Social Media Influencer and an Electrical Engineer

Today we feature Erez Sitelcool in our interview series.Erez Sitelcool is a 31 years old young Electrical Engineer from Israel, Tel Aviv.He is also an author and a social media influencer. We asked him about his book and his interest on writing.He also shared his thoughts as a social media influencer.

Below is our interview with Erez Sitelcool,hope his thoughts and ideas will inspire you!

Interview with Erez Sitelcool

1. Hello! Can you please tell us about you?

Hey there,
My name is Erez Sitelcool,
I am 31 years old, live in Israel, Tel Aviv.
I work as Electrical Engineer for the past 7 Years.

First of all i am a Gamer, as in computer games, been doing that for the past 20 years with my brother.
I like to do and live life to the fullest.
I love to Skateboard, Carver, Snowboard, Wave surf, Kite surf, Wakeboard, Boxing,
I TRULY believe that if you give everything you have you will receive the things you miss.

I am Sensitive as hell, motivated, will always find a positive angle for every event that life will throw at me.
I like to fool around, laugh and smile.
For me that is what life is all about.

2. When did your interest in writing starts? Please tell us more about your book which you are writing these days.

This is an opening part of my book, i think it “speaks” for it self about how i got into writing:

“By writing this book I have answered all of my questions,
I was sent into a journey that started with one simple question,
how would I raise my child?

This journey took me back,
thinking on the ways I felt as a child.
I have adopted the good feelings and thought of a solution for the bad ones.

One question led to another,
which led to another one,
and as you would see through out the book,
it will hold an answer for every question that I could think off.

At the end of my journey,
I have found a solution for it.
In my opinion I have found the best way to raise my child.

The beauty of it was SIMPLE but still so TRUE.

The beauty is that the way for my child to be TRULY happy,
WILL only happen,
when every other human being in this world would be happy as well.

This is the SOLE solution my mind could come up with.

If you truly treat,
at every MOMENT of your life,
to your kids as Angels,
they would become one,
and we need a lot more of them around us.

For every moment you do not,
they would pay by being less of a Human.

As the bible said “אָבוֹת אָכְלוּ בֹסֶר וְשִׁנֵּי בָנִים תִּקְהֶינָה”.
Education is not about Speaking.

It is all about Doing.
Being An Example.

The Sad but FAIR TRUTH is,
What You Tell Your Child Is Right Or Wrong Is Irrelevant,
Your Child Will Grow By The Way You And Your Spouse Run Their Life.

Dear Reader You Have To Understand.

You WILL NOT Be Able To Treat Your Child As An ANGEL If You Are Not One.

For Every Fear That You Will Not Overcome, Your Child Will Have To.

This statements emphasizes how important Life Education is.

3. You are an influencer in instagram. How do you think you can inspire others using the power of social media?

By showing my life, my self, heart opened, no filters, no takes, natural. I think i have solved the riddle of life, and i am willing to answer every question, you just have to ask it.

4. With other writers and social media influencers available, what makes your writing unique?

First of all my book has its own rules, regarding the rules of the language as explained below,

Secondly, my book contains a lot of life lessons and knowledge, explained in the most simplicity way i could think off. The Part of my book that explain about its rules:

“Capital Letters are used in This Book to Emphasize Important Words in Every Sentence In Addition To Their Usual Job Pronouncing a Noun or a Name.

I WILL Summarize that for you to FULLY UNDERSTAND.



It Helps me CONVEY hidden GOOD Messages to your SUBCONSCIOUS.

What do I Mean?


Will be conveyed as follows:

1) let Us Explain it Better through out Examples.

2) us explain better examples.


Will be conveyed as follows:

1) Forget Everything Rules of the Language.

2) forget everything rules language.

“Capital Letters are used in This Book to Emphasize Important Words in Every Sentence in Addition to Their Usual job Pronouncing a Noun or a Name.” Will be conveyed as follows:

1) capital letters this book emphasize important words every sentence addition their usual pronouncing noun name.

“I WILL Summarize that for you to FULLY UNDERSTAND.”

Will be conveyed as follows:

1) I Will summarize Fully Understand.

2) I will fully understand.


“ Will be conveyed as follows:

1) the Bigger the Latter the more Important it is.

2) bigger latter important.


Will be conveyed to your brain as follows:

1) by My Mind

2) my mind

“It Helps me CONVEY hidden GOOD Messages to your SUBCONSCIOUS”.

Will be conveyed as follows:

1) it helps Convey Good Subconscious.

2) convey good subconscious.

Exactly like Lowering a Tone on a guitar song,

Just Using Different Sized Letters.

“An Exception would be a NAME Of a Human, They Would Always Stay, Like Daddy.”

Will be conveyed as follows:

1) an exception Name of human, they would always stay, like Daddy.

2) name, Daddy

3) Daddy

A Book,

In A Book,

In A Book.

Clever Ah?

5. Would you like to share some advice for our readers who see you as a writer and a social media influencer?

Yes Of Course.
This is the main reason i wrote my book,
so my solution for the life riddle,
as in the meaning of life,
will be available for every human on this planet.

My advice is,
Ask me a question related to the life meaning riddle,
and get the answer,
the TRUE one,
by my mind.

You can connect with Erez Sitelcool by visiting instagram :

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