June 19, 2024

Interview with Founder of MedoBay, a Medical Tourism Platform Connecting Patients with Medical Centres in MENA and Asia

MedoBay is a medical tourism platform which connects patients with healthcare providers. Through the MedoBay platform, anyone can find medical centre for their treatment for affordable costs in MENA and Asia. Other than low costs for treatments, this platform also helps patients to visit new destinations making it a part of medical tourism.

Recently we had opportunity to interview the founder of MedoBay about his journey as an entrepreneur. He shared the stories behind launching MedoBay medical Tourism platform together with his experiences.

Below is our interview with the founder of MedoBay.com. This interview with founder of MedoBay will sure inspire you in your entrepreneur journey!

Interview with founder of MedoBay

1. Hello! Can you please tell us about yourself and MedoBay?

I am Pooyan, the founder of MedoBay.com. MedoBay is a search engine for medical tourism. The idea is to combine the health treatment with the joy of travelling. During the past few years, there is a new trend shaping that people opt for health treatment aboard. Certain factors are contributing to this trend such as the economy of costs, better quality health treatment, familiarity with a target country and shorter waiting time for procedures. In general, like any supply chain impacted by the globalisation,  people are more encouraged to think outside of the box for their health treatment, and borders are no longer the boundaries for the health treatment. There are new emerging medical hubs in high growth markets which need to be utilised effectively using Medical Tourism Platforms, i.e. MedoBay.

In the long run, I think medical tourism can help to reduce the burden on governments as certain socioeconomic trends such as mobile workers, and immigration caused more pressure on national health services. At the same time, governments spend a large portion of their budget to subsidise the national health services. The interesting point is that patients are weighing their options to use medical tourism as an alternative. If you look at the dmographics, the millennials or baby boomers are the two groups who are likely to opt for health treatment abroad as it gives them a quick and affordable way to address their medical needs. Besides, I think utilising the medical tourism platforms similar to MedoBay can be a help to national health services such as NHS in the UK when they are constantly under pressure to improve and meet their SLAs. The idea is to use the technology to connect patients to medical centres and give them more options while improving the transparency in the process.

At MedoBay we are a team of medical, tourism, management consultancy professionals coming together to identify different aspects of medical tourism and using the technology to get patients connected to their desirable medical centres more effectively. For this purpose, we are introducing patients to medical centres and utilising the collaboration between patients and medics. Knowing that going for medical treatment in another country could have its own complications we are trying to make it as a straightforward and transparent process. At the end of the day, if you are going to be healthier, then you should be happy, and this is our goal to facilitate a joyful experience through our network.

2. Why did you decide to launch MedoBay? What inspired you?

These days, we all heard about someone in our friend or relative circles travelled to Hungary for dental treatment or Turkey for a hair transplant procedure. People are growingly considering their options and trying to think outside of the box for their health options. However, due to the sensitivity of the topic which is health, extra care should be taken when choosing a clinic, because you don’t want the inverse consequences. The language barrier adds to the complexity of decision making. It is usually tricky for patients from non-English speaking countries to communicate with the medical centres.

Additionally, arranging the travel and accommodation in another country needs to be done by licenced tour operators or at least someone with the local knowledge. As a result, you can realise the process is a bit complex. At MedoBay we are trying to reshape it by simplifying this complex process through a medical tourism platform. To do this, we are working with various partners including legal firms and regulatory, travel agencies as well as medical centres.

Currently, most of the patients who chose to go abroad for health treatment, handle the planning side of their health trip individually which could be quite confusing. Using a platform like MedoBay will allow patients to search through various medical centres and focus on their treatment and enjoy their trip rather than getting stressed by getting involved in the planning and logistics side of it. At MedoBay we believe that being healthy shouldn’t be luxury and it’s a fundamental human right to have access to affordable health treatment, and taking medical therapies shouldn’t be limited to geographical boundaries as your home country. MedoBay aims at facilitating a smooth collaboration between patients and medical centres. Apparently, due to its nature, the health treatment could be a joyful process when you have reduced the ambiguity involved and focus on enhancing your experience both from tourism and treatment perspectives

3. How do you think MedoBay is helpful for its clients?

At MedoBay we are a team of medical professionals as well as experts in the tourism industry. I am personally coming from management consultancy background, and we believe in processes and working systems. Moreover, MedoBay can help governments to reduce the excess burden from national health services such as NHS by facilitating an affordable health treatment option abroad, so there will be less burden on domestic health services, and NHS services can be prioritised accordingly.

4. With other similar medical tourism sites and platforms available, what makes MedoBay unique?

There are some similar platforms including Qunomedical.com and Medigo.com developed in Germany. What we are offering in MedoBay is more tailored for North Africa, Middle East and Central Asia regions. We found the market there interesting as it can enhance our core competency. Additionally, we will be soon launching a set of new services which should improve our position in the UK.

5. Do you have any advice for emerging entrepreneurs?

There are many exciting startups, and all of us are all trying our best to implement and execute our vision. In this road, there are many hurdles and difficulties but the hope that one day this unique idea will happen, keeps the momentum going for us and as my favourite quote from Queen “The Show Must Go On!”

You can connect with him by visiting  www.medobay.com

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