June 19, 2024

Interview with Junaid Iftikhar, CEO of TechMindz

Junaid Iftikhar is a successful entrepreneur and CEO of Techmindz Consulting Services which specialize in providing professional consultancy to firms/enterprises/SME etc. Recently our editorial team had opportunity to interview him regarding his journey as an entrepreneur.

Below is the story of his successful journey as an entrepreneur. We hope this interview will inspire you as emerging entrepreneurs.

Interview with Junaid Iftikhar


1.Hello! Can you please tell us more about TechMindz?

Junaid Iftikhar is an entrepreneur and running a successful company “Techmindz Consulting Services ” which specialize in providing professional consultancy to firms/enterprises/SME etc, which includes Oracle EBS & Fusion Implementations, for both, On-Premise and SaaS based offerings. Along with that we have our own-home grown well reputed & recommended complete Cloud Based Web-Solution named “BizFly” ERP Solution.

We provide services in Middle East, Europe and USA currently and have aim to expand our operations in more countries like Africa and Australia.

2. What inspired you to start TechMindz?

While working in corporate sector and daily job routine. I always think I should do something that helps people in masses. Because when you are at job! You have limited hours and then after it you won’t have enough energy to do more things. I learned a lot and utilized best practices to facilitate firms who need Oracle services and its implementations. I am lucky that now Techmindz is a reputable name in GCC market and its keep progressing.

3. How do you think TechMindz is helpful for its clients as a Software & Consulting Services?

We are not just limited to ERP Implementations rather we are customer centric and always offer solution which is best to client requirements. We do trainings & Support after implementation and techmindz professional team is always reachable to our clients to consult OR design State-of-art Solution as per Business Standards.

Our Oracle offerings are following,

  • Oracle EBS/Fusion Implementations
  • Oracle EBS Health-Check & Audit
  • Oracle EBS/Fusion Trainings
  • Oracle EBS/Fusion Post Implementation
  • & Much More

Our Cloud-Based ERP offerings are following,

  • Financial Management
  • Human Capital Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Hospital Information System
  • Enterprise Asset Management
  • Point-Of-Sales Solution/CRM
  • & Much more.

 4. What makes TechMindz unique?

Great question! It’s our experience, market research and results that make us unique and different from other providers.

5. Can you share your strategies in facing the challenges which can be helpful for other emerging entrepreneurs?

  • If you are Startup Company then I would recommend you to learn about your market, competitor and then find out what you can do better than them and how well you can facilitate your potential customers.
  • Have patience! It took me 10 years to start a company and finds good client so don’t expect quick money.

Junaid Iftikhar also recognized and interviewed by global business magazine and you can read more about techmindz in recent interview: Click Here

To know more about techmindz, please visit website www.techmindz.net

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