May 21, 2024

Interview with Katherine Appello: Founder of Kany Wellness

Katherine Appello is the founder of  Kany Wellness. She is an Italian-American Blogger, Songwriter, and Poet who is living in NYC for many years. Recently we had an opportunity to contact her for an interview. In this interview, she shares her success story, and challenges together with her advice for entrepreneurs. Read it below.

Interview with Katherine Appello: Founder of  Kany Wellness

1. Hello! Please tell us about yourself.

I am an Italian-American Blogger, Songwriter, and Poet, who also is somewhat fluent in Italian and Spanish. I have lived in NYC most of my life, after moving here with my mom after my parents divorced, not a pleasant experience at all.

2. What inspired you to launch Kany Wellness?

A few things inspired me. One was the emotional baggage that I have had to work through from my parents’ very unpleasant divorce, my having to navigate fibromyalgia and all the angst etc… that comes with it. I wanted to offer a platform that would provide reflections, tools for the journey to holistic wellness. That really was my goal, creation of platform that would offer a range of tools for that journey to wellness.

3. Please tell us more about Kany Wellness and its services.

Currently, I have a blog, where I have also posted meditations that people can listen to and I am going to be expanding to seminars and video courses offered on the site as well. Long term I hope to partner with accredited, licensed naturopathic practitioners to collaborate on offering health related programs that could benefit the community, via this platform.

4. Through the services of Kany Wellness, how do you plan to help people and entire communities?

In offering the blog, meditations and other products that can help that path to wellness is a start, and as KANY Wellness expands and I can work with naturopathic wellness centers and such offering prevention programs in a way that financially would be accessible to all would I believe be a great service.

5. What are the challenges that you faced in your journey as the founder of KANY Wellness? How did you overcome these challenges?

Finding the right people to help that vision take form is always an initial challenge, even just in terms of who will build a good website. Promoting the platform, getting people to know it exists, especially when you have a shoestring budget is a challenge. Social media is what I have focused on Pinterest, Intsgram, Facebook, various social media platforms.

6. As an entrepreneur, would you like to share some advice for others who want to become entrepreneurs?

I would say having a clear vision to work towards is very beneficial, and the right people because I think often in the beginning a lot of resources can be wasted. Also, do what you feel truly you are called to do. If you have a passion for writing then write, do what you love.

Another aspect that I feel is helpful is that the platform is totally donation based, so people can support KANY Wellness with donations, rather than have to buy products or memberships at this time. I do hope that those who come to the blog will donate and support the vision long term.

Thanks, Katherine for this interview.

You can read more about Katherine Appello , Founder of Kany Wellness by visiting her website:

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