May 21, 2024

Interview with Kilo M.O.E , Music Producer and CEO of O.M.G Entertainment, inc.

Kilo M.O.E. is a popular music producer, songwriter, rapper, athlete and businessman. He is the CEO of O.M.G Entertainment, inc. Over two decades Kilo M.O.E. has put out six mix tapes and two music videos.

Recently we had the opportunity to interview him regarding his success as an entrepreneur. Below is our interview had with Kilo M.O.E., CEO of O.M.G Entertainment, inc. He also shares his advice to those who like to be successful as entrepreneurs.

Kilo M.O.E


1. Hello! Can you please tell us about yourself and O.M.G Entertainment, inc.?

Hello! I am Kilo M.O.E., CEO of O.M.G Entertainment, inc. I am a music producer, songwriter, rapper, athlete and also a businessman

With a career spanning over two decades, I have put out six mix tapes, two music videos and in this era of the internet, my music has been streamed over a hundred thousand times. After a successful career as a personal trainer, I established an independent record label, On My Grizzly (OMG) entertainment in 2012. Since then, my music has continued to gain recognition in the nation. This is how O.M.G Entertainment, inc. is born.

2. Why did you decide to launch O.M.G Entertainment, inc.? What inspired you?

I’ve always had a special knack for music if you will as a rapper, hip hop artist, and DJ. Way back as a Bodybuilder early 2000’s I saw everything become digitized and I immediately saw a void to fill. That void was digital content generation. I bumped into a person walking down a hall at a job I had in ’06 whom had one of the first iPhones. When I say “bump into” I literally mean physically. When I bumped into this person I saw that he was walking and wouldn’t take his eyes off of his cell phone. I asked to have a look and he was looking at a YouTube video. It was that moment I realized that the consumption of digital content was about to change and how it was administered would play a role in that change. I wanted IN! From there I had already attempted this digital side of content production early with my bodybuilding and personal training career however the scene just wasn’t quite ready for this. Web development was very expensive and reserved for those who had the resources to execute a “digital only” format. I was one of the guys early whom had a “plam pilot” “ipaq” etc. They simply couldn’t handle the data I wanted to publish and engage with at the time. The day I saw that iPhone I just knew it! October 2006.

3. How do you think O.M.G Entertainment, inc. is helpful for its clients?

Well I solve problems simple as that. There is some 200,000 indie tracks or more published improperly every single year or “partially” published. I solve the problem of getting the music or video seen, and in a place to collect revenue and monetize the content. I understand that we all won’t be the biggest megastars on earth. That’s a highly competitive ‘top 10’ tier system. SO I help with putting your art, content, and or multimedia in the ‘vacuum’ so to speak to be consumed as our mega star counterparts. The most important part of this is to declutter some of the internet’s content clutter and put it in a neatly organized branding structure with messaging.

4. With other similar entertainment services available, what makes O.M.G Entertainment, inc. unique?

What Makes O.M.G Entertainment, inc. unique is we aren’t just simply a “record label”. OR a “distributor”. Yes we can offer that for you if it fits with what you think you need or think you desire to do however that’s not just our only product and service. We tailor the fine craft of messaging and branding your content. With our several partners we can actually put the content we’ve monetized for you in a system of well messaged social media postings, fan engagement and also more importantly set you up to drive sales to your product. We are the ‘grind’ for you. Tha Grizz What It Iz. It’s what that means. We care about how you look. Period. IF you look good doing what you do we look good doing it for you.

5. Do you have any advice for emerging entrepreneurs?

Think ahead at all times. Ask yourself about the idea you have today. Will it work five years from now? Ask yourself what you want out of the business you want to develop. Ask yourself what the things you desire FROM your business will do for the business. I wouldn’t necessarily consider this advice. I look at it as an invitation and reminder of the things you should check off before you get started. This would be my 3rd business and early on I wish someone would have reminded me of and invited me to think about.

You can connect with Kilo M.O.E. and know more about his music by visiting his websites  and

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