June 19, 2024

Interview with Mattia, founder and CEO of Get Futura web agency, Entrepreneur & SEO consultant from Cambodia

Mattia is specialized in Marketing and he is the founder & CEO of Get Futura web agency. He is a young entrepreneur and a SEO consultant from Cambodia.

Recently we interviewed him as we are interested to know about his entrepreneur journey. Below is the interview we had with Mattia and we hope you will find it as interesting and valuable.

Interview with Mattia

1. Hello Mattia! Can you please tell us about yourself?

My name is Mattia, and I am specialized in Marketing, helping people 2x their business. During the past years, I found a developing passion for online marketing. What really got me on was finding great mentors to study in-depth organic search traffic and copywriting.

You know, I started to really understand the value of studying only after I failed with a business idea. I understood I needed way more then just an idea. I needed a plan, and I had no clue where to look for it. I started to feel depressed, so I had to find some new motivation in studying, and this is basically how I ended up following so many courses and coaching plans and reading publications, case studies, and so on. 

2. What inspired you to launch Get Futura web agency? What inspired you to be a SEO consultant?

I wanted to recreate my marketing journey and my experiences in the first person with SEO projects and copywriting. From Latvia to Thailand, from Thailand to Cambodia, I have seen successes and failures, and I am pretty sure I can craft a successful online marketing route for my customers, as I am currently doing daily.

3. As a SEO consultant how do you help your clients?

I believe the only way to execute SEO in the right direction, making it affordable and understandable for all my clients, is to focus on the 20 % of actions that will make 80 % of the difference and bring long-lasting results. The only way to achieve this, I believe, is to fuse SEO actions with bespoke copywriting and great marketing strongholds, the correct analytics.

Once my clients understand this little puzzle and the drafts we used together to improve their visibility, now I am confident they have a proven structure to repeat for further successes.

4. With other SEO consultants available in the market, what makes ‘Get Futura’s services unique? 

Exactly what I just said. I am not an agency you will see a standard monthly report once in a while. My method is only following my client step by step, bringing him knowledge from all vital fields of sales improvement. This Is also why I can’t avoid looking for highly committed clients.

Why am I looking for commitment? Because it is the commitment that drove me to here to learn and get results. I am not looking for any clients who want to learn a tool. I am only looking for customers who are committed to learning the entire journey that will bring them results and then measure those results to scale them up!

5. Did you face any difficulties or challenges when you decide to launch your own web agency, Get Futura? As a young entrepreneur, how did you face the challenges?

Challenges? There are no difficult challenges in Cambodia to start up a new company.

I knew very well what I needed to do in order to get everything on track, first of all, creating a showcase of my works and studies, which is now GetFutura.com..

This being said, I would never ever stop my studying as it became a habit, so I will always continue my 3 hours daily routine, updating with all that is new in the marketing and SEO world because my clients deserve my full commitment too.

6. As a young entrepreneur, would you like to share some advice for others who want to become entrepreneurs?

  • To focus on what they know best, what they love to read, live, and breathe every day.
  • To transform that knowledge and passion into a daily interest.
  • That passion might have a reflection into a market, as pretty much all we love to do comes from a trend, a market itself, a new motion in culture or society.
  • Now find that market and be a living part of it!
  • Study marketing! Find good marketing teachers and marketing mentors, as you did not find them in school; we all know that. Study and research all about it because every single step of the marketing process will bring you to realize you might have a service or a product to sell for that market your love so much.
  • It is written in very poor and simple words, but this is pretty much the only way you will find yourself making money with what you love.

We hope you enjoyed reading this interview with Mattia,founder and CEO of Get Futura web agency, entrepreneur & SEO consultant from Cambodia.To connect with him, visit Get Futura website

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