June 19, 2024

Interview with Oliver Neely – Founder of Giftshuffle

Giftshuffle is a gift suggestion tool which you can easily choose gifts for anyone. With the facility of choosing gifts according to price or according to the purpose, Giftshuffle provides a unique service which makes your gift buying easy and quick.

Oliver Neely is the founder of Giftshuffle who is a young entrepreneur based in South East England. Recently I had opportunity to interview him on his success as a young entrepreneur and below is our interview. Hope this interview with Oliver Neely will inspire you!

Interview with Oliver Neely - Founder of Giftshuffle

1.Hello! Can you please tell us about yourself and Giftshuffle?

My name is Oliver Neely, I am an entrepreneur and digital marketer based in south east England.  I have been building websites for over 8 years and Giftshuffle is my personal project born out of my previous passion for searching the internet for the best money saving discounts.  While I was finding all kinds of bargains online, I came across a lot of new and interesting products I’ve never-heard of, then I thought of the idea of collating some of those products into one, easy to use tool; Giftshuffle.

2. Why did you decide to start Giftshuffle? What inspired you?

Gift buying is rarely easy, some people have a special gift at it, although there’s always one or two people we know who are particularly tricky.  If you’re looking for a gift online, it’s easy to get lost and quite frankly frustrated.  Amazon, for example sells pretty much everything under the sun, if you don’t know what you’re looking for it can be difficult to know where to start.  I have always been a bit of a gadget fan, and use to like researching the latest tech on the market.  I originally started Giftshuffle to collate the latest, most unique, useful and quirky gadget gifts on the web.  Instead of spending hours looking through online shopping pages, the tool presented the best ideas for you.

It didn’t take long before I decided to expand the site to a whole range of products.  I’ve always been good at researching things on the web.  I enjoy discovering new products.  Giftshuffle essentially means much less time spent for consumers.  All the gift ideas are hand-picked for quality purposes.  So only the best, most unique, useful and thoughtful gift ideas are left.


3. How do you think Giftshuffle is helpful for its customers?

Giftshuffle eliminates the stress of trying to find great gift ideas for friends and family members.  With a little information, users can filter ideas by gender, how much they are willing to spend, and if they happen to know some of the persons interests, even better!

4.With other similar eCommerce sites and online stores available, what makes Giftshuffle unique?

Giftshuffle is unique because it pulls ideas from multiple ecommerce sites.  Over the past few years many online retailers have created their own “gift idea generators”, but these are restricted to their own product range.  They also tend to include all the products they sell, whereas Giftshuffle focusses on quality, with only the best gift ideas listed.

5. Do you have any advice for emerging entrepreneurs?

Understand your audience.  It’s great to have good ideas, services or products, but if you don’t truly know whose going to buy it, then you don’t have a business.  Some people create solutions to problems that don’t yet exist, or that people don’t realise exist.  In this instance you’re going to have a hard time convincing them they have a problem, compared with someone who already knows the problem and is looking for a solution.

I am sure this interview with Oliver Neely inspired you and he gave lot of ideas for your entrepreneur journey.You can connect with Oliver Neely ,Founder of GiftShuffle by visiting his social media platforms.Check Giftshuffle for inspiring gift ideas!

Website:  www.giftshuffle.co.uk
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/giftshuffle

Twitter : https://twitter.com/giftshuffleuk

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