May 23, 2024

Interview with One Hour Florist Team about their Business Success: Florist in Singapore who Offers Free Same Day 60 Minute Flower Delivery

When fresh flowers can make anyone’s day, late delivery can ruin the mood badly. This is why Singapore based florist; One Hour Florist is more popular due to their promise of delivering flowers in 1 hour. With the facility of ordering online and with a range of different flower arrangements, One Hour Florist could create a buzz around Singapore. This is why we wanted to contact the founding team behind this online flower shop for a short interview.

In this interview with One Hour Florist, we asked few questions about their business and delivery arrangements. The ideas are inspiring and there are many things to learn for emerging entrepreneurs.

Interview with One Hour Florist
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Below is our interview with them.

1. Hello! Can you please tell us about One Hour Florist?

As our name suggests, we are an online florist in Singapore that specializes in delivering flowers in one hour! We are the sister company of FARM Florist, which is a more recognisable name in the industry. Currently, we offer multiple products, with four main flower products and a couple of add-ons, including stuffed toys, cakes and balloons.

2. How do you think One Hour Florist is helpful for its customers?

We are the best solution for any last minute orders for flowers as we offer free one-hour delivery to everyone with no minimum purchase. I think this is really what sets us apart from other florists because instead of focusing on wide product variety, we are focusing on the fast delivery service. Especially in Singapore, express delivery is typically very expensive and for some florists, an impossible feat. So in that case, One Hour Florist would be the best option for people who like to surprise their loved ones rather instantaneously.

Interview with One Hour Florist
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3. We found that One Hour Florist offers same day 1 hour flower delivery. Don’t you think this is challenging? How do you overcome such challenges?

Definitely! The main reasons why many florists don’t offer free 1 hour delivery is because of the high costs and inability to cater to last minute orders. You’ll have to process the order, create the bouquet and arrange for delivery. When florists focus on profiting, they wouldn’t want to spend so much on high delivery fees or spending extra time to fulfill last minute orders. Which is why they tend not to offer 1 hour delivery, and if they do, they will charge a very high price to cover their costs. For us, we absorb that cost. There really isn’t any way around it. And although that means less profit for us, we still want to continue because we believe that such a service should be available to everyone at more affordable prices.

4. There are other flower delivery services available in Singapore. Among those what makes One Hour Florist unique?

It would be our 1 hour delivery service. As mentioned earlier, we mainly focus on providing fast delivery services to our customers. We know that sometimes people would like to send flowers to their loved ones as a surprise, or perhaps they forgot a special occasion and would need a flower bouquet urgently. They’ll know that they can order and rely on us because we make 1 hour delivery possible at no premium.

5. What is your advice for your clients on getting the right flower bouquet for special occasions?

Instead of getting cliché flowers (eg roses for romantic occasions), it would be good if you could find out what flowers the recipient likes or maybe try a new colour theme. Otherwise, you could also purchase our Premium Surprise Hand Bouquet which will customise a bouquet according to occasion, recipient’s age, and personality.

To find out more, visit their website:

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