May 22, 2024

Interview with Philip Brown , Founder of Super23, An Entrepreneur Based in Edinburgh, Scotland

Super23 is a company based in Scotland which is specializing in transportation of classic cars, super cars, sports cars and prestige vehicles. Their service area covers UK & Europe providing their best service for the customers.

Recently we had opportunity to interview the founder of Super23, Philip Brown who is an entrepreneur based in Edinburgh, Scotland. It was interesting to know about him and his journey as an entrepreneur. Below is our interview with Philip Brown, Founder of Super23.Hope his successful entrepreneur journey will inspire you!

Interview with Philip Brown , Founder of Super23

1. Hello! Can you please tell us about yourself and Super23?


I am Philip Brown. An entrepreneur based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

At Super23 I specialise the transport of incredible cars. We look after classic cars, sports cars, super cars, race cars, prestige cars but our services are open to any prospective customer who would like their vehicle to transported anywhere in the UK using the best methods on the market.

We are quite unique in the respect that all the vehicles are transported inside enclosed trailers so they are never seen by the public.

2. Why did you decide to launch Super23? What inspired you?

I was working in a call centre in Glasgow and I found the work very unfulfilling. Every situation you learnt in the first week was repeated daily. I looked at the people around me who had worked there for 20 or more years and their outlook on life was bleak I did not want to fall into this trap.

I moved home to my parents home in the Scottish countryside to work my life out and with no public transport I had to buy a car. I went on to purchase a Mazda Mx5 for £750 and sold it a few weeks later for £1200 after discovering its true value. I then repeated this process eventually buying a car transporter to offer deliveries to those who had purchased a vehicle from me.

Eventually I stopped selling cars to focus on car transport full time and build Super23 into the business I believe it can be.

I would say I was inspired by the urge to take control of my own future. I did not want anybody deciding when I could do something or how much I was worth financially to them.

3. How do you think Super23 is helpful for its clients?

Super23 is a company that puts the customer in control. That is not just a tag line for sales that is a fact. We work to coincide with their schedule. If they would like the car delivered at 8am on a Sunday morning then this is what we will do.

Our customers can live track their delivery too street by street. They are even able to use Google street view to see exactly where their car is.

4. With other similar businesses available, what makes Super23 unique?

In Scotland we are the only dedicated enclosed car company at time of writing. There is a few who have the service as part of their other operations but none focus entirely on enclosed car transport.

In England there are many similar businesses all of whom are excellent. The quality of the competitors really benefits the customer and myself because it constantly challenges you to improve your own business.

I have managed to keep Super23 at a level where I can deal with each customer on an individual basis. We offer a personal service and flexibility most other business physically cant due to family commitments or operation requirements.

5. Do you have any advice for emerging entrepreneurs?

Talk to your customers. A business I feel should be open for dialogue both negative and positive. My favourite saying I have heard is “If people like you they will want to talk with you but if they trust you then they will do business with you”

You can connect with Philip Brown  and Super23 by visiting their website

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