May 23, 2024

Interview with Rebecca M Huey , Founder of Cursive Kidz®

Cursive Kidz®  is a new educational product that helps early childhood education through elementary age. Rebecca M. Huey of Michigan is the founder of Cursive Kidz® who is a female entrepreneur from Michigan. Recently we had opportunity to interview her regarding her success as a female entrepreneur. We hope this interview will inspire you with new ideas.

2019 Photo credit Emidek Press Aderibigbe Gbolahan, Akure, Ondo State school children with Cursive
Kidz®️ and female entrepreneur Rebecca M. Huey of Michigan.

1. Hello! Can you please tell us about yourself and Cursive Kidz®️ ?

Hello, my name is Rebecca M Huey! Blessings and Greetings from Michigan. I am the daughter of Dennis M. Huey(deceased) and Valorie M. Smith-Huey of New Lothrop, Michigan, Shiawassee County. I grew up on a small Huey family farm in New Lothrop, Michigan and graduated from New Lothrop High School Shiawassee County in 1997 and The New York City Conservatory for Dramatic Arts summer program in 1998. In high school, I was a business major. In college, I was business major with a concentration in paralegal. I am also an actress and serve in the mission field. I interned with The State of Michigan Tax Tribunal Lansing, Michigan working underneath Chief Deputy Clerk Marijo Walkey and Judge Thomas Hajlik before I graduated from Baker College in 2008 with my business degree and a concentration in paralegal. It is my passion to help countries have educational resources, quality products where children learn, grow and excel. I am currently the leading CEO of Education Creation LLC, Flint, Michigan with a newly Registered 2018 Trademark through The United States Patent & Trademark Office called Cursive Kidz®️. I produce and manufacture all of my products with my licensed business partner & CEO of Emidek Press/City Track Magazine editor-in-chief in Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria, Africa.

Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria, Africa welcomes Cursive Kidz®️to the continent of Africa. This NEW brand is helping children learn and grow in education at our local schools in Akure, Ondo State.

Ondo State’s Wide Concept International Adventures, Emidek Press and City Track Magazine is the first city/state of entirety in history to do business with a USA female.

“Rebecca M. Huey is indeed the 1st USA female Ambassador, Entrepreneur and Mission Outreach to be part of Akure, Ondo State to work with me. Our country is thrilled choosing Rebecca as a Christ Ambassador and business partner. It was not by accident, it was divinely ordained and its purpose will soon manifest. Rebecca is a blessing to the African continent” said the CEO, Emidek Press Company, City Track Magazine – Aderibigbe Gbolahan.

2. Why did you decide to launch
Cursive Kidz ? What inspired you?

I decided to launch my business to help children, parents, teachers and stores have access to unique learning products. It is my passion to help everyday people, especially those in 3rd world countries where educational resources are truly and desperately needed. What inspired me to help was remembering my own struggles to find a certain product on the market for my daughter whom was only 5 years old at the time and I couldn’t afford it or couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for.

3. How do you think
Cursive Kidz is helpful for others?

My business is helpful to its clients by providing the educational products needed for learning, development and affordability. Throughout my journey as a female entrepreneur I was mentored by some extremely gifted and talented professionals who helped give me a boost when I needed confirmation, better direction on my next steps or even to tell me great job! I am truly thankful for the professional staff at SBDC (Small Business Division Center) Delta College Campus, Saginaw, Michigan and Mid-Michigan Inventors Council, Burton, Michigan where I was mentored by some elite professionals along this journey and now here I am!

4. With other similar businesses available, what makes Cursive Kidz unique?

This is not a tough question for me, but rather an easy one. My business is unique because as a Christian business owner I kept seeking The Lord on where He needed my registered Trademark Cursive Kidz®️to be to help in education. God opened doors for me to help in Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria, Africa. My business is unique because I am NOT ashamed to step out in faith and help a 3rd world country have quality and affordable educational products. I am growing and learning daily. It has not been easy and it’s really no different than any other American company manufacturing in places such as China. I chose Nigeria and it all boils down to prayer for me. An American company, Welch’s Grape Juice company has independent grape farmers in Nigeria. I chose Nigeria too, based on where God needed me to help and it was affordable. God knows what He is doing re-guard-less of the job He gives to us. I have told Him, “Yes” and here I am.

5. Do you have any advice for emerging entrepreneurs?

My advice! To all emerging entrepreneurs you can accomplish anything. It takes prayer, patience, time and faith. Don’t ever be scared to seek God throughout the times of testing while your business is starting out and growing. So many along this journey made fun of me, called me names and spoke nothing but words of death over my life on what I couldn’t do or what I couldn’t accomplish. They continually questioned me and what God was doing in my life. I worked with extremely limited resources and many companies in Michigan I found were not affordable for me to work with. They made it impossible for me to grow because the cost of production was way to high. I kept pushing hard, filling my mind up with God’s truth about my life and who He created me to be. God made a way for me when all I could see was darkness. I kept clinging to His promises especially Mark 9:23 & Matthew 19:26. I am where I am today going and growing because of my faith in Jesus Christ. I NEVER gave up. I worked hard to get to where I am at now!

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