June 19, 2024

Interview with the Founder of Ergomeister : German Designed Award-Winning Office Chair

Ergomeister is a Singapore based business which specialises in providing ergonomic office chairs. Their office chairs are suitable for home, study or office. While there are regular office chairs available for lower price we wanted to know why they want to introduce a premium office chair solution to the Singapore consumers.

In this interview the team at Ergomeister Office chair explain how they launched the product and the ideas behind it. Below is our interview which shows the story of Ergomeister!


1.Hello! Would you like to share more details about Ergomeister Office chair?

Ergomeister specialises in providing ergonomic office chairs for any home, study or office. We feel that the importance of a good ergonomic chair is not emphasized enough and people often see it as a huge investment that may not be worth it as compared to a regular office chair. For us, we want to show that importance by educating people and highlighting the major differences between a regular and ergonomic chair. At the same time, we also want to provide premium ergonomic office chairs to people so that they can enjoy the benefits of having one. We want people to have this thinking after buying our office chairs – “at the end of the day, the chair was worth it”.

2. What inspired you to launch Ergomeister Office chair?

I was thinking of starting something but I didn’t know what to sell or do at that time. And coincidentally, my friend bought this new office chair which, to me, was very expensive. Like every other person, I thought my friend was spending a little too much on just a chair, it was a very impractical buy to me. So I asked him about it because I was wondering if there was something to this chair that I didn’t know about. A little context, my friend studied a course that was related to body science or physiotherapy, so he knew a lot about body posture, recovery exercises, stretches, etc. He started educating me a bit more about posture-related topics and why an ergonomic chair was important  for it. This got me interested in ergonomic office chairs and made me realise that there was a market for it. We saw a market opportunity and thought maybe we could try it out.

3. There are other less expensive office chair solutions available in Singapore. Among those what makes Ergomeister Office chair products unique?

First of all, it would be the material of our chairs. We use our German Air-Scape™ 3 Layered Mesh for our chairs to make it cooler for the user because it improves airflow. I think this is one of the more distinctive features because we realised that many people complain about their chairs being too hot after sitting in them for a period of time. Since it is really hot in Singapore, we wanted to make something more comfortable and suitable for our hot weather. Another distinctive feature would be the mechanics of our chairs – the user can adjust the chair in a lot of ways (possibly even more than other office chairs), it is really a chair that can be moulded to suit different body types.

4. In which ways Ergomeister Office chair products are helpful for its customers?

Our chairs offer ergonomic benefits. So what this means is that people can sit in our chairs for long periods of time comfortably. Because our chairs provide support, it helps to correct the user’s posture as well. This means less pain, aches and strains in common areas like the back, neck and shoulders. It also helps with proper spine alignment.

5. What is your best advice for emerging entrepreneurs?

Haha I would say, sometimes opportunities appear in front of you without you even knowing. I guess, pay attention to things around you because you’ll never know, it may be a potential business idea!

To read more about Ergomeister and it’s products ,visit the website: www.ergomeisterofficechair.com

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