June 19, 2024

Interview with Willy Hobal , CEO of Hobal Luxury Collection

With years of experience in hospitality industry, Willy Hobal launched Hobal Luxury Collection in 2020 with the aim of serving the industry. As the CEO of Hobal Luxury Collection, Willy Hobal aims to offer sales, marketing and PR services to luxury hotels and destination service providers to boost their brand recognition and sales.

Recently we could interview him regarding the entrepreneur journey on behalf of our readers. His experiences and ideas are invaluable. As a young entrepreneur, in this exclusive interview Willy Hobal shares his challenges during the entrepreneurial journey. His ideas are inspiring.

Read the full interview with Willy Hobal, founder and CEO of Hobal Luxury Collection. We are sure that you will be inspired!

Interview with Willy Hobal

1. Hello Willy! Can you please tell us about yourself?

My name is Willy Hobal and I was born is a beautiful town in the North Coast of the Dominican Republic, called Sosua, surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and with the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen. I start working cleaning a house when I was 9 years old, the owner of the house, she was working in the hospitality industry and I admired her profession so much that I said many times: “When I turn 18 yo I will work in the hotel she is working doing the same job she is doing”… 8 years after I was exactly working in that hotel and doing her job. Since that moment I discovered my passion for hospitality and the same passion took me today to open my first company Hobal Luxury Collection to help independent Luxury Hotels increase revenue and brand recognition in European Markets.

2. Why did you decide to launch Hobal Luxury Collection? What inspired you?

It was last year, 2019, I remember doing research for weeks for a representation company that covers the main European markets and offer an integrated sales, marketing, and PR services, all in one, with a cost-effective budget, but due to my frustration of not finding that service, it gives me the courage to design the hotel representation company that I always dreamed to work with. My partner Robin has been my biggest inspiration, he believes in me and pushed me to start my company as soon as possible because of the need in the market and also because he saw my potential in the industry.

3. As a luxury hotel specialist, how do you think you can help your clients? Can you explain the ways you can help the clients in the hospitality industry?

We are in constant communication with luxury travel agents, travel journalist, and bloggers, to update them about the new offers, changes, and upcoming events of the hotels of our collection, inviting them to visit the properties, maintaining the relationship and creating new ones, signing new contracts, and other strategies in order to keep the hotels in their portfolio and with updated information so they can offer to their clients. The benefit for the hotels is the result of the implementation of those and other strategies within the luxury travel curators.

4. With other similar companies available in the market, what makes Hobal Luxury Collection unique? How are your services different from its competitors?

Our integrated services, having all in one is a major offer for independent hotels, knowing that they will get the best coverage with a cost-effective budget. But also our core values; Quality, Trust, Creativity, and Passion are present every day in our DNA, we love what we do when you do what you love that is hard to imitate and your creativity goes to the top.

5. How is the travel and tourism industry going to revive from the damages done by this pandemic?

These are very unique times, people will not stop traveling. What I can see or predict for the next months is that hotels and travelers will take the necessary measures in order to guarantee the health and safety while traveling, just like the other business the ones that adapt to these times are the ones who survive.

6. As a young entrepreneur, would you like to share some advice for others who want to become entrepreneurs?

To the wonderful readers I will say to be brave, work hard and do a lot of planning, being an entrepreneur is not about being “free” and work less, it’s actually the opposite, you really need to work hard and make sacrifices to be on top of the game.

We hope that you are inspired with the ideas shared by Willy Hobal ,CEO of Hobal Luxury Collection. To read more about him visit the website and connect with him via below social media platforms.

website : www.hoballuxurycollection.com

Connect with him socially via: Linkedin and Instagram

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