May 23, 2024

Interview with Michael Talmatsky, CEO & Founder of is one of the innovative startups based in London which helps jobseekers to find their dream job. Michael Talmatsky is the CEO & Founder of He used his own job seeking experience to develop and launch to help others who are looking for better career options. Therefore his ideas are invaluable. In this interview not only he shares his experience as an entrepreneur, he even shares advice with others who are in entrepreneurial journey.   

Below is our interview with Michael Talmatsky ,CEO & Founder of We hope you will be inspired with his ideas.

Interview with Michael Talmatsky

1. Hello! Can you please tell us about yourself?

Hi! My name is Michael, and I am the Founder & CEO @ – one of the most innovative HR startups based within London (UK), that merges insider knowledge with Artificial Intelligence in order to empower the jobseekers to secure the jobs they have always dreamt of. Prior to embarking on my entrepreneurial journey, I had the privilege to shape the world’s most known brands whilst working for one of the most reputable brand consultancies in the world – Landor (WPP). Moreover, I’ve been co-authoring academic research papers alongside Professors from world’s top-rated faculty – the Bartlett – as part of the University College London (UCL). Furthermore, I’ve been volunteering as a Marketing Executive for United Nations in Ghana, as well as augmenting Business Development function for a real estate company in Dubai. I have combined all the fundamental knowledge and experience in Branding, Marketing and Strategy in order to support graduates and professionals to craft personalized marketing strategy, positioning and communications that land their dream jobs.

2. Why did you decide to launch Talmatsky? What inspired you?

Problem is the biggest business driver. Therefore, the story behind starts back in September 2017, when, as a recent graduate, I started to job hunt myself. I remember how hard, challenging and tedious this process was. I created a CV and a Cover Letter and started to apply to various positions online. However, despite my optimistic feelings and 300 applications later, I realized that I haven’t actually secured even one interview. I remember the discouraging thoughts and feelings I had, although I was determined to crack the recruitment selection process once and forever. Hence, having failed hundreds of times at each stage of the recruitment selection process, I have learned essential principles and approaches that eventually provided me with fruitful outcomes. In this way, by June 2018, I got to 6 final interviews at Facebook EMEA HQ in Dublin, 5 final interviews at Google UK in London, 2 assessment days at TUI Group in Hannover as well as multiple final interviews at 500 Global Fortune companies. Then, I helped my friends secure jobs at the likes of, Accenture, Kering Group among many others. The following experience had determined and inspired me to start – an innovative HR startup that aims at supporting jobseekers to discover their hidden professional value, craft a unique positioning within the job market and eventually land their dream jobs.

3. As an HR startup how do you think you can help your clients? Can you explain the ways you can help the clients in securing their dream job? provides jobseekers a holistic support and direction at each and every stage of the recruitment selection process. As a first step, we embark on a 90-minute Career Discovery video call in order to identify and evidence the jobseeker’s skills, abilities, expertise, experiences and competencies, as well as acknowledge the hidden professional value and future prospects. Then, we strategize the jobseeker’s career and experiences through the personalized Professional Profile, which builds a thorough positioning within the job market as well as widens the career opportunities. When the essential foundation is built, we craft an industry and Applicant Tracking System (ATS) tailored CV / Resume that showcases the jobseeker’s unique personality traits, and flawlessly matches them to the standards and requirements within a prospective industry, company and role. Likewise, we create an industry and ATS (Applicant Tracking System) tailored Cover Letter that highlights the jobseeker’s most relevant professional attributes, showcases the personality and creates a particular focus upon the value and impact that the jobhunter brings into the workplace. Thereafter, we audit the jobseeker’s LinkedIn, deliver constructive feedback and substantially improve the core sections of the profile to match the career endeavors and future prospects. When the CVs, Cover Letters and the LinkedIn profile are professionally completed, we meet for a 60-minute job hunting strategy call in which we analyze, benchmark and implement the jobseeker’s personalized job application and personal branding strategies, that not only boost the employability, but also enhance the career prospects. Finally, we take a 60-minute Mock Interview practice call that is tailored to a particular role of the jobseeker’s interest. We construct a comprehensive job, company and industry tailored interview script for practice, and upon finalization, we provide and discuss detailed feedback as well as share interviewing best practices. Therefore, our startup helps and supports jobseekers from the very beginning of the job-hunting process, all the way to the exciting moment of landing the dream job. Likewise, our fundamental way of working lies in providing a very personalized and targeted approach to each and every customer of our and thus, we can provide various non-conventional services such as the salary negotiation skills, personal development, etc. is the career consultancy that delivers tangible results – the jobs that people have always dreamt of.

3. With other similar services available in the market, what makes Talmatsky unique? How are your services different from its competitors? is uniquely positioned against the existing market competition through its exceptional approach and methodology, as well as our ever-increasing base of successful Alumni. In contrast to other companies and organizations that claim to help jobseekers through the simple creation of CVs and Cover Letters, represents a career consultancy that supports people through the establishment of a distinctive and personalized marketing strategy and positioning within the job market. There is a huge gap in the outcomes if comparing the services that offer CVs and Cover Letters, and our company that empowers jobseekers to understand and acknowledge their hidden professional value, build a comprehensive positioning within the job market, craft a personalized marketing strategy, as well as combine all of these in order to communicate the jobseeker’s value through CVs, Cover Letters, LinkedIn, Interviews, etc. We have already proved that our methods are delivering exceptional results for our customers, since we helped 150+ people with their career challenges and opportunities, whilst allowing our Alumni to work for 30 of the 500 Global Fortune companies across the world.

4. Did you face any difficulties or challenges when you decide to launch Talmatsky? As the CEO of Talmatsky and as a young entrepreneur, how did you face the challenges?

The establishment and growth of the is by far the most challenging, thought-provoking and stressful path I had ever embarked on. I could go on and on enumerating the challenges I had to face in order to make the startup flourish, from the critical lack of human capital and financial resources, to an ambiguous product/market fit and ever-changing business circumstances. So, how do I approach and solve the business challenges set ahead of the organisation? Well, what worked amazingly well for me was connecting and building meaningful relationships with various Advisors who have extensive knowledge and leadership experience in academia, human resources and tech. The invaluable inputs and advice from diverse advisors had indeed directed, shaped and framed the way developed and continues to grow as an organisation that aims at disrupting the status quo on the B2C side of the HR industry.

5. As a young entrepreneur, would you like to share some advice for others who want to become entrepreneurs?

Well, as an entrepreneur and innovator, I had learned a fundamental truth and a critical success approach, which lies in the ability and willingness to consistently learn new things and adapt to the ever-changing business environment. In other words, the ultimate advice to other entrepreneurs is to: (1) Never stop learning, (2) Be ready to radically change and adapt to the new challenges and opportunities, and (3) Embrace the failure. The entrepreneurship path leads to the uncertainty and the unknowingness of the future that scares the majority of the people and therefore, the only way to thrive under such conditions is fall in love with the uncertainty. Fail fast, learn fast.

It was a great interview with Michael Talmatsky, CEO  & Founder of We hope you are inspired with his ideas and advice. To read more about him and about his services, visit the website.


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