April 11, 2024

Meet Nidhi Singh , Founder of Stylegy By Nidhi

Making other people look great is not easy. With different fashion trends and with the the best styles that suits to the person’s body Nidhi Singh helps others to look stylish through her professional styling service ‘Stylegy By Nidhi’.

With her passion to craft great personal image to others, she delivers her services online over the world. You can also get her styling services in person if you are in Dubai at present. We had the opportunity to talk with her regarding her professional service ‘Stylegy By Nidhi’. Below is the short interview we had with her.

Nidhi Singh , Founder of Stylegy By Nidhi

 Q1 : For those who don’t know you, who is Nidhi Singh and what’s Stylegy By Nidhi?

Well, Nidhi is a person who is very passionate about making people feel great about the way they look. She understands the phenomenal power of personal image and how a wrong image can be detrimental to one’s both personal and professional life. She has been working with clients from varied professions and nationalities for the last 5 years, helping craft a great personal image for them.

Stylegy By Nidhi is an online and in-person personal styling consultancy. The online styling services are available for clients all over the world whereas the in-person styling services are available at present for clients in Dubai and by Dec 2017 in Delhi NCR also.

Stylegy By Nidhi will help it’s clients look their best in a very time, cost and energy efficient way. With the help of a personal stylist the clients only buy clothes that suit them and no time, effort or money is wasted in buying outfits that will never be worn because of them being ill-suited to their body-shape, personality or work environment. Clients can choose from services like Styleover, CCC(Closet Cleanse & Capsule), Let’s Shop, Power Dressing, Jeanology, etc. according to their differing styling needs.

Our Ask the Stylist feature is a unique opportunity for any person to ask our stylists for fashion advice free of cost.

Visit www.stylegybynidhi.com for the full description of all the styling services.


Q2: What motivated you to create Stylegy By Nidhi? What market opportunity did you see?

I saw a lot of people who needed help in styling appropriate looks for themselves but unfortunately they were all looking at the wrong sources for help. Your spouse, siblings, friends or parents can never be absolutely unbiased when assessing and advising you on your personal image. There is a method to this madness, which a personal stylist is trained for. This motivated me to create Stylegy By Nidhi, a personal styling consultancy, which is affordable and easily accessible providing styling services both online and in-person. Today with ever increasing competition in the corporate world, growing exposure and influence of social media coupled with more disposable income everyone is looking to put the best version of themselves in front of their bosses, colleagues, clients, friends, family and the world at large. Its easy to look good but to look great you need a Personal Stylist. Working with a personal stylist your save on effort, money (no more money wasted on un-suitable clothing) and time and get a fabulous personal image in return.

Q3: What are you doing differently than your competitors?

All the styling services of Stylegy By Nidhi are highly structured and yet personal at the same time. We give you valid reasoning behind our advice and not just vague statements.

Since we are so structured we are able to provide these services online too.

There is no AI or bots providing you styling services based just on your body measurements, there are so many other aspects to you as person that has to evaluate your styling needs a lot more information is required than just body measurements. We look in to aspects like body-scale, body styling challenges like torso length, shape of the shoulders, arm size, etc., along with your fashion personality, your color chart and lifestyle analysis.

Q4: What’s the biggest piece of advice you’d give to someone starting out?

Well my main advice will be to learn your craft well, practice it a lot and be an expert at it. If you are good at what you do then you will genuinely add value for your clients!

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