June 19, 2024

Meet Shavonda Robinson , Author, Award Winning SongWriter and Poet

Shavonda Robinson is an award winning songwriter, poet and an author. She has published five books including ‘Moving Phrases Into Inspiration’. Moving Phrases Into Inspiration is a collection of poems that inspire readers.

Recently we had the opportunity to interview Shavonda Robinson and we asked her about her books and inspiration behind her success. Below is our interview with her. Hope this interview will be an inspiration for you.

Shavonda Robinson interview

1. Hello Shavonda! Can you please tell us about yourself?

Yes, i am a published author of five books.

Thy Paintbrush To Abstracting Images.

Your Worst Nightmare.

Hidden Voices Of Abuse For Women All Around The World.

Moving Phrases Into Inspiration.

I am A Free Woman Poems For A Little Girl.

Shavonda has been published in many magazines and anthologies

I am a award winning Songwriter and Poet.

I am the founder of “Create Something For The Future” an online poetry magazine for upcoming poets and writers.

I am a mother of two beautiful children.

I live in Nashville, Tennessee.

2. What inspired you to write Moving Phrases Into Inspiration?

I wanted to share my personal experiences in some way.

3. How do you help others through your book Moving Phrases Into Inspiration?

I believe readers will be able to relate to me on an emotional and honest level because I am addressing your everyday situations.

4. What is the message that you convey through this book?

We all go through similar experiences in life but you must overcome all obstacles by praying to God for his healing and giving you the strength.


Check more details about her book Moving Phrases Into Inspiration

You can connect with Shavonda Robinson by visiting her social media platforms.

Twitter : ShavondaRobin16
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/classytechnologyllc/


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