June 19, 2024

Meet Sunita Biddu, Leading Social Media & Blogging Coach, Keynote Speaker & Strategist

Sunita Biddu is a Leading Social Media & Blogging Coach. She is helping thousands of entrepreneurs and businesses every month with her powerfully simple & strategic coaching programs. Recently we had the opportunity to interview her on her success as a serial entrepreneur.

Below is our interview with Sunita Biddu. Her story will sure inspire you!

Sunita Biddu

1. Hello Sunita! Can you please tell us about yourself?

Hello readers, I am power blogging and social media coach by profession. When am not coaching an entrepreneur, I am found in far open fields, remote areas and beautiful places at any part of the world as an explorer. Funny but true, I do not have a permanent address and I have successfully settled my business 100% virtual. I am a traveller who loves to experiment different cuisines and foods, crazy about salsa dancing and available to anyone with a listening year.

2. You are graduated with Masters in Biotechnology. But you are a professional on Internet Marketing. Why did you decide to choose Internet Marketing as your career path? What inspired you?

I am not employable. My wish to work on my own terms, my own time and enjoy freedom made me look for a career that gives me all the freedom, fame and money. Internet marketing was one that got me use my natural skills, strengths to an extent where I didn’t just help myself but thousands of other entrepreneurs get this kind of freedom and money.

3. How do you think you can help others with your coaching and consulting, specially for small business owners?

Everyone is either concerned or short of two things today – Patience and time. Who doesn’t to be successful, get lot of business and customers as early as possible. I help small businesses and entrepreneurs create a powerful online presence with minimum essential investments of time, efforts and money. This strong web presence makes them trusted, credible while putting them in front of thousands of their prospects. Eventually, they get great business opportunities and cashflow. Needless to say, popularity is a bonus they get.

4. With other blogging and social media consultants and coaching programs available in the market, what makes Sunita Biddu’s coaching programs unique? How is Sunita Biddu’s coaching programs different from its competitors?

I am known for making things simple and effortless. I would not just advise what is to be done but what should not be done and where you don’t have to invest. It’s complete hand  holding until you start making money. It doesn’t end at coaching, it goes up to helping one earn and see the money coming. And am available to my clients and students for life once they’re part of my journey.

5. Did you face any difficulties or challenges when you decide to launch your own coaching programs? As a female entrepreneur, how did you face the challenges?

Fortunately, I didn’t face any major challenges because I launched my programs after building a strong personal brand of myself. I had successful running companies and businesses before I decided to go independent and launch the coaching programs. Credit goes to my network, being a well-equipped, educated and independent female helped me stand out in my industry.

I never stopped working on my own online presence and brand and my own learning even if I was getting good clients.

6. As a young female entrepreneur, would you like to share some advice for others who want to become entrepreneurs?

Start working on building a powerful personal brand. It never dies and always helps in all kinds of times. People connect to people faster.

Start with dominating one social network first instead of playing thin on multiple networks.

Don’t ignore the potential of having a great website cum blog. Keep it simple, clear and strategic. Your website is your sales person that talks to your prospects. It needs to be clear, compelling and convincing.

Success doesn’t come quickly and easily. Have patience. It will take some time and the result is totally worth waiting.

You can connect with Sunita Biddu by visiting her websites and social media platforms.

website: www.sunitabiddu.com

Email her :  hello@sunitabiddu.com

Conect with her via Linkedin : https://in.linkedin.com/in/sunitabiddu

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