April 11, 2024

Tips to Make Your Company’s Customer Service Top-Notch

Company’s Customer Service Top-Notch

Customer service is the pulse of every business. It’s what keeps customers coming back to buy your products or use your services. Any business owner should focus on customer retention strategies to keep them coming back. In this way, you can help the growth of your business.

However, a rude action done to a customer can break their trust in your business. With a chance that he can be a repeat customer, that loss could be bigger than you expect.

In this article, we will share valuable tips for great customer service. With these, your company will maximise its earnings and have a positive reputation among your clients, making them feel valued and respected.

1) Set up an online help desk

Not all companies operate round-the-clock. So what if a customer needs urgent support and you’re not there to assist them?

One thing that you can do is set up a help desk with how-to and troubleshooting articles. Don’t forget to add pictures, videos, or statistics to drive the point across. You can even set up a chatbot for frequently asked questions. Real-time messaging (RTM) is another option to connect with your clients through an app. You can get the help of a professional team for integrating such RTM option into your business. By consulting a reputed IT company, it is easy to learn more about real time messaging app that suits your business. You can even get an idea of how technology can enhance your communication with clients & customers.

2) Strive to be better in assisting customers

Although we do our best to serve our customers, there can be shortcomings sometimes. But we have to remember that no one is perfect and we make mistakes.

It’s important to learn from our mistakes, so if the same situation occurs another time, we can keep our calm and still provide excellent support to our clients.

3) Use Positive Language

Use positive language when talking to your customer or client. That way, your tone is personable and he will see that you’re doing what you can to solve his problem.

Furthermore, instead of just saying, ‘He is not available right now’, flip the script and say ‘He is currently busy, but we’ll let him know you called so that he can return your call’. 

4) Deliver prompt service

You’ve been a customer yourself – do you remember the times you were satisfied because the contractor was quick to respond and arrived at the appointed time?

You have to do the same thing to your customers to leave them satisfied and leave a great impression on them through your service.

Take for example TV Repair Singapore, whose team always strives to answer queries promptly and arrive at the scene on time. 

The result is that they were able to gain positive word-of-mouth referrals from customers, which  helped their business flourish!

5) Use simple and clear words when talking to your client

Communication is very important for all kinds of businesses. Everything that you do should be clear and easy-to-understand for customers.

Most of them have a question or an issue that needs to be resolved. By explaining to them clearly and in simple terms, they will understand what they have to do.

Endocrinologist Singapore doctors, for example, use simple language when explaining medical matters and treatments to patients. 

You completely understand what they’re saying and therefore feel that you’re getting your money’s worth. That’s compared to how you feel with doctors who leave you bewildered at the end of a consultation.

6) Use the CARP method to handle a problematic situation

If the customer attacks you with harsh words or complaints, be cool. Just remember the CARP method:

  • Control the situation
  • Acknowledge the dilemma
  • Refocus the conversation
  • Problem-solve so the customers leave happy

7) Provide after-sales support

Even if your service to the customer has finished, don’t stop there. You can call and ask how they are with their new car, Air Jordan shoes, heat pump, furniture, and so on.

Besides that, you have to give them support in case they stumble into an issue or find the product faulty. They will certainly appreciate that you care for them. One good example we found online is Air Turbine Tools company. They provide support from a few different locations including USA, Mexico, and Germany. It is great that, for cnc router spindle motor, customers can even receive after-sales support when a customer contacts the technical team.

If you do some research online, you will find how leading businesses provide after-sales support. This is one of the secrets to their success.

8) Empathise with your customer 

Not all customers are the same. Some ask a few questions, some chat a bit, and others criticize your products or services.

Try to understand their problems and be friendly, kind, and helpful to them. Show them you want to solve their problem so that they’ll have a good experience with your company.

9) Do the job right the first time

For service businesses, especially, it’s a make-or-break situation. You have to get it right the first time out, to earn your customers’ trust and confidence.

A good example is Washing Machine Repair Singapore website, which always sends out skilled technicians the very first time you call them. They never send trainees. 

Of course, after the successful first service, you have to keep your service consistent from then on. By then, you’ll have proven to your customer that you’re a great company to deal with. Read more on how to expand your business branding online for a better business presence and expansion.

10) Collect feedback from customers but make it easy

If you’re letting customers fill out a survey about your service, make it easy for them. This will give you accurate and reliable data as chances are they won’t blindly tick all the boxes.

However, if the feedback form has to be longer or needs sentences for answers, you can give them a voucher or freebie as a reward for that.

11) Train your staff

It’s not just about your customers: it’s also about your people—the team that you have. You can conduct workshops or seminars to help bring out the best in them.

Also, you have to ensure they are properly compensated and are happy with their work. You can set and achieve goals together as well as monitor their performance.

And those were some important tips to have outstanding customer service. Hopefully, you’ve learned something from these and can use it to improve your own business!

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