April 13, 2024

| VideoBox! A New Technology
For Video Making Appears In The Arab Region

It is known that the video industry requires complex programs and advanced hardware to be run, such as ” Adobe After Effects, Final Cut and others.

But an Arab team created an alternative solution..VideoBox Library, to produce professional videos, only by using PowerPoint program.

In the following interesting dialogue with @YogaMind , An entrepreneur or as known as “Just Another Internet Ninja” and the founder of VideoBox:


Q1: Hello, can you tell us more about yourself?

– My name is Youssef NourElDin, an online marketer for 8 years now, From EgyptI consider the internet to be my main planet, i work as a digital marketer consultant and campaigns director for some brands around our planet Earth?

Q2: Fabulous! Can you tell us more about VideoBox and how it’s considered to be a huge boom in the video creation industry?

– VideoBox is a library of more than 250 PowerPoint templates, It was carefully designed to help the average user – Not an expert – in creating videos to produce a professional content in a record time, in order to achieve their product/service/training content marketing goals.You can check these examples to imagine the final result.

“Video Box Examples”

You won’t believe it’s just PowerPoint.

Q3: Great Job! It contains a lot of details, it must have taken a long time, but how did you get the idea?

– I used to use the Powerpoint for Military parades during my service in the Egyptian Army 2012-2013, and then started facing many problems as a novice marketer because of the high cost of videos, and most of the customers can’t bear the production cost of a large number of videos for their content, So Powerpoint was a solution that saves time and money for making consistent advertising videos for social media platforms, I started sharing these files with many colleagues in the field, they showed a huge interest and kept actually using them for several years, and was expecting more of these templates too.

Hence, i decided to create a diverse library knowing it will be so helpful in many content creation, as it was to me and others.

The journey defiantly wasn’t easy, the preparation of the product and making it suitable for everyone to use from marketers, brand owners and trainers, to serve their ideas and types of needed videos.

This required a unique effort, of course not an individual effort, VideoBox wouldn’t have been launched without a team with flexible mindsets and able to imagine the future ?.

Q4:  Why didn’t you spread this technology on a global level?

Why is it for the “MENA” Arab Region only?

-Mm, Well, There are two important factors to answer this question.

First, because we have a good background, information, and relationships in the Arab market as content producers and marketers.

Secondly, all the video-making tools for non-Professionals exist in the world, don’t support the Arabic language, or force you to write in the default font, but for Microsoft PowerPoint, it’s quite easy.

You can use any font you have and all is good!

Q5: Then? What is your plan to develop VideoBox in the near future?

– Our goal is to find easy solutions for the video industry, for nonprofessionals, and we’re working to develop them by adding new models, we’ll add other solutions soon related to Voiceover and effective copy-writing.

This technology is still brand new, and it’s spreading quickly.

We don’t only aim for selling many copies only, we concentrate in “Educate the clients” how to use professional tools to develop their own business.

VideoBox is like Fashion, It never ends or stops.


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