July 25, 2024

Exciting Startup Movingle to Compare Movers in New Zealand

With Movingle, you can easily compare movers in New Zealand! Movingle is a startup launched with the aim of connecting both movers and customers together to make moving an exciting experience! We all know that moving home or even moving office is not so easy. It needs well planning and much effort. However, a mover can make your moving experience good or bad. We don’t want you to experience any negative experience when you move your office or home. This is why we like the concept of Movingle as a startup.


What is Movingle

Movingle is a platform where you can find movers and compare their quotes. To compare movers New Zealand, simply fill the required details by visiting Movingle website. When you request quotes, you don’t have to fill a lot of data. It is only your pick-up and drop-off locations together with the type of move. It is that easy. You will get the mover quotations from movers around New Zealand.

Features of  Movingle

Below are some of the features of Movingle

It is free

To use Movingle and to get quotes from movers, you don’t have to pay. It is completely free. And it is a no-obligation service.

You will connect with Quality Movers

You can check the profiles of movers and even the feedback they have received. Therefore, choosing a reliable mover will not be that difficult with this service.

Save your Time

Compared to giving many phone calls to different movers, it is easy to use the Movingle platform to get quotations. This will sure save your valuable time.

Save you money

With this platform, users are able to compare up to five quotes. In that way, it is easy to find the most competitive rate for your moving task. That’s a good deal and you will save money compared to calling and running around the movers.

 Visit www.movingle.com to find out more.

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