July 23, 2024

Types of Flowers for Flower Delivery on Funerals

Flowers at the funerals are meant to pay tribute or give respect to the deceased person. These flowers are also used to add fragrance, beauty, and decoration to a very sombre event. Funeral Flowers are also used to symbolize eternity and peace. For a Flower Delivery Singapore on funerals, let the Singapore Florist help you send appropriate flowers to express your respect and condolences to the family. Here are some of the most common funeral flowers to find at the flower shop:

Flower Delivery on Funerals


A peace Lily plant is a perfect plant for a flower arrangement for funerals. It symbolizes purity, peace, and a beautiful radiance of the soul. It also gives a perception that the soul of the person is at peaceful rest for eternity. The plant also tend to endure for a while, which makes it a great flower to send to show sympathy to a grieving soul.


Although it is universally symbolic of eternal love, grace, and beauty, the flowers of Orchids are a common flower for the funerals. This flower carries a sentimental expression of undying love, renewal, and innocence. A florist delivery of Orchids for the funeral is a thoughtful way of saying condolences and sympathy to the bereaved family.


Chrysanthemums are a common funeral flower symbolizing grief, lamentation, and longing for the death of a loved one. This flower also carries several culture and tradition, in fact, in some countries like Korea, Japan, and China, this flower is only used and found at the funerals. For appropriate funeral bouquet of Chrysanthemums, ask the florist in Singapore to help you send one to the funerals.

Flower Delivery on Funerals


The flowers of Carnations are not meant only for romantic purposes but also for the expression of sentiments and condolences to the family. Each colour of Carnations symbolizes a different emotion or sentiments, even on this sad event. Red Carnations mean love and admiration to the deceased person while pink ones are meant for happy memories. White flowers of Carnations, on the other hand, symbolize eternity and peace. The online florist Singapore can help you pick the right arrangement if the flower bouquet is meant for funerals.


Hydrangeas are one of the flowers for the funerals and for sympathy because it offers a heart-felt sincerity and a sense of renewal to the family who is presently grieving for the loss of a loved one. It can give such a meaningful sentiment to the family.


Roses can also be given on funerals to express emotions and sentiments. White roses may mean innocence, peacefulness, and respect while pink Roses symbolize admiration, gratitude, and appreciation. Some prefers to bring red Roses to show grief and sorrow, especially if the deceased person was someone loved and cared for deeply.

It is important to choose the right flowers to send on funerals. If you are looking for the right flowers and appropriate arrangement for Flower Delivery Singapore, it will be an advantage to let the florist in Singapore assist you and handle the delivery of the flowers.

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