July 24, 2024

Interview with Josh McCarthy, Certified Pool Operator, Founder of McPools

McPools provides swimming pool services and inspection services in Bradenton and other areas around Florida. Josh McCarthy who is also a Certified Pool Operator is the Founder of McPools. Recently I had opportunity to interview him regarding his successful journey as an entrepreneur. Below is our interview and he shared his entrepreneur journey together with advice for emerging entrepreneurs. I hope his success story and advice will inspire you!

1. Hello! Can you please tell us about yourself and McPools?

I am originally from Wisconsin but moved to Florida in 2015. I met my wife while working in the insurance industry in all places…. Las Vegas. We have a daughter Kayla who is five and the coolest kid. Spend most of my free time with my family, in our pool, at the beach, watching football or UFC events. McPools is Licensed Swimming Pool Contractor and service company that was incorporated in 2015. We are a Top Rated Pool Service by HomeAdvisor in Bradenton, Palmetto and Ellenton Florida.

2. Before becoming an entrepreneur and before starting McPools, what did you do? Would you like to share some details of your jobs before launching McPools?

Before McPools, I spent 14 years in the insurance Industry. Worked my way from sales agent to AVP of Personal Insurance and Small Business. In that role I managed the insurance sales at 32 bank locations. Had some great successes in that role, including being the #1 Agency in the Country with MetLife. Things didn’t start that way for me in the insurance business. I delivered pizza, furniture, managed a Fazolis restaurant to make ends meet my first year in the insurance business.

3. Why did you decide to launch McPools? What inspired you?

I launched the idea of McPools by accident. I was on vacation staying at my brother’s place in St. Pete Florida. A new bank executive had joined the company and had scheduled a conference call for a date I was on vacation. Since he was a big deal, I decided to call into the conference call, even while on vacation. The bank executive went nuts on me during the call for not being at the meeting in person, even though more than 60% of people had called in. I was very upset. Went out for dinner with my brother and struck up a conversation with a guy who had sold his pool service business. He talked about a website called BizBuySell that he explained to be like EBay for businesses that are for sale. Then hours and hours of googling and researching about the swimming pool industry. I flew home and told me wife and she thought it was a joke. Then I flew to Florida and took a 3 day class conducted by one of the best instructors in the Swimming Pool Industry. I was hooked. We sold our house and lived in Florida 6 months later.

4. What is your greatest success since starting McPools?

Getting my contractors license. Wow what a process, it took 22 months and thousands of dollars. 

5. What is the area you are working on to improve McPools?

Building better procedures & systems.  Some strategies need to be tweaked and improved over time.

6. Do you have any advice for emerging entrepreneurs?

Yes, join an association in your industry. Can’t stress that enough. The Florida Swimming Pool Association has been so influential in our growth.

Know your numbers and develop metrics. Become an expert in what you do, tour the factory that assembles the products you use or sell. Become friends with others that are in your industry. Discuss ideas with other entrepreneurs.

You can connect with Josh McCarthy by visiting McPools website www.mcpools.com

Connect with him on FaceBook www.facebook.com/mcpoolsfl

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