July 23, 2024

Interview with Comoda Founding Team : Comfy & Premium Bean Bags in Singapore

Comoda Bean Bags promise to deliver better and simple bean bags to their customers. Based in Singapore they promise to deliver the orders in 1 hour. We were curious to know how Comoda Bean Bags can deliver products in 1 hour while maintaining their quality. This is why we interviewed the founding team to know their story.

Below is our interview with the Comoda team. It is with full of inspirational ideas which any emerging entrepreneur can get benefits.

Interview with Comoda Founding Team

1. Hello! Would you like to share more details about Comoda Bean Bag?

Hi! Comoda sells premium bean bags in Singapore. We currently have bean bags in 3 different sizes and 14 colours. We wanted to offer a lot of flexibility and versatility when it comes to our bean bags because we know that people may have different home interior themes. So, we want to be able to offer them a bean bag that can fit right in!

2. What inspired you to launch Comoda Bean Bag?

As a kid, I had a bean bag growing up and I really loved having it at home. It was relatively comfortable and it became my favourite spot to do almost anything. So, I decided that I wanted a bean bag for myself in my new home. But when I bought one, I realised that the bean bag lost its volume pretty quickly. No matter how I tried to “fluff” it up, it didn’t work. I even called to ask the retailer I bought from and they said that it was normal. I continued hunting for a new bean bag but was pretty unsure if the same thing would happen again. So I thought, why don’t I create one myself? And it started from there.

3. Did you face any challenges when launching Comoda Bean Bag? If so how did you overcome those challenges?

Yup, the initial stages! As much as I liked bean bags, I didn’t have a clue about how to make one, much less source materials needed. I had to do a lot of market research, comparing different types of bean bags and their likes and dislikes. All this while I was still having a full-time job. So, it was really tiring, weekends were burnt. But thankfully, the people around me were really supportive and helped me when they could. I had friends who would accompany me during my market research trips or visits to potential manufacturers. A lot of determination was needed and I was around the right crowd who really supported me.

4. Among the similar products available in Singapore, what makes Comoda Bean Bag unique?

Well there are a few things. First would be our fabric, which is a blend of polyester and natural linen. We realised that these 2 fabrics are commonly used for bean bags but have their own flaws. For example, linen is comfortable but absorbs stains easily and has a tendency to un-weave themselves through wear and tear. On the other hand, polyester is more durable but has a plastic-like smell. So I decided to blend them together to make a better bean bag fabric.

Our bean bag refill is also different as we use OPTRABeans™, which is an Enhanced Expanded Polystyrene. Expanded Polystyrene is the common bean bag filling that you see in the market, which may have a ‘plastic-like’ odour and can last for about a year. OPTRABeans™is like the improved version because we made it more long-lasting by increasing its life expectancy to up to 10 years, and removed the odour. We also sell this refill separately, so if people like to change their bean bag refill they can do so.

5. What is your advice to the customers who look for buying a Bean Bag?

I would say, really make sure that you are paying for a bean bag that’s worth the price. I think it is a common practice for retailers to charge high prices when their bean bags aren’t even of that quality. So do check out product reviews and compare prices from different retailers before deciding. Apart from aesthetics, make sure that the bean bag is really comfortable and meets basic needs like being easy to clean, odourless and durable.

6. What is your best advice for other emerging entrepreneurs?

Tough times don’t last but tough people do! It may be really hard at the start but you just need to persevere! And make sure that you are with the right company because they can have a very big impact on you. Once you have accomplished what you set out to do, the results are very rewarding and you’ll feel super proud of what you have done. Press on!

To find more about Comoda and it’s premium bean bags,visit the website: www.comodabeanbag.com

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