July 23, 2024

Interview with Jean Germeil – Founder of Enforsys UK Limited ,a London based Blockchain and IoT firm

Jean Germeil is an young entrepreneur and he is the founder of Enforsys UK Limited which is a London based Blockchain and IoT firm. They specializes in Blockchain solutions and IoT. Recently we had opportunity to interview Jean Germeil. His ideas are inspiring. As an young entrepreneur he shared how he faced the challenges during this journey. We are sure his ideas will inspire you.

Here is our interview with Jean Germeil, founder of Enforsys UK Limited.

Interview with Jean Germeil

1.Hello Jean! Can you please tell us about yourself?

My name is Jean Germeil, and I am the founder and owner of Enforsys UK (Enforsys.ca), a blockchain and IoT firm based in London. 
For the past few years, I have worked as a lead developer and then as a Chief Technology officer in Japan and South Korea.
I finally returned home with a wealth of new ideas and experiences, and I couldn’t wait to start my own technology business.
Enforsys UK, in a nutshell, builds blockchain and IoT products and services designed to give firms a clear Industry 4.0 edge.
We are invested in both software and hardware solutions.

2. You are a young entrepreneur. Why did you decide to launch Enforsys UK Limited? What inspired you?

First of all, my son inspired me to be the entrepreneur I am today. He is my daily driver. I am building this business hoping that one day he will take over and build on top of all that if he wants to.
Also, I was inspired by the need to change the lives of those populations whose needs are constantly unmet, like the homeless, the undocumented, the displaced.

Interview with Jean Germeil

3. What is your greatest success since starting Enforsys UK Limited?

My greatest success is Crypto to Cards (cryptotocards.com), a decentralized credit card issuance platform aimed at Cryptocurrency holders. Traditionally, it has been very difficult for people to cash out of their cryptocurrency holdings. We built Crypto to Cards to make it easy and painless for our users to purchase Visa, American Express and Master Cards products directly, with their Crypto holdings. We are working on a few things but this is definitely our most popular service.

4. As a London based Blockchain and IoT firm how do you think you can help others with this business concept?

Industry 4.0 was already well underway before Covid-19, however Covid, this Black Swan event, has been a catalyst and has precipitated rapid change in a lot of industries. A lot of firms are finding themselves at a critical juncture right now – for a multitude of reasons, faced with rapidly shrinking margins, they cannot afford to ignore anything that will provide an edge, an advantage over their competitors. AI, Data Science, Machine Learning, Blockchain, the Internet of Things, the Internet of Value are not buzzwords anymore, they are keys to the survival of those firms that were not seriously invested in research and  developing proprietary solutions. That’s where we come in. We build and implement Blockchain and IoT software/hardware solutions designed to give firms a clear edge in this new era.

5. Did you face any difficulties or challenges when you decided to launch Enforsys UK Limited? As a young entrepreneur, how did you face the challenges?

The toughest challenge, as we are working with bleeding edge technology, is recruitment, training and retention of talent. We work with LiFi (data transfer using Light), SoundFi (data transfer using Sound) and LoRaWAN (data transfer via Long Range Wide Area Networks) and finding individuals well versed in these technologies is next to impossible. These are pain points for Enforsys and they will remain challenges for the years to come.

6. As a young entrepreneur, would you like to share some advice with other aspiring entrepreneurs?

The best advice I would have for other aspiring entrepreneurs, something that worked really well for me, is to travel and work abroad. Do it while you’re young! Not only will you acquire truly valuable language skills, but you will build a stronger work ethic and seeing people in unfamiliar situations abroad will help generate original business ideas. Travel while you are young and come back home with a wealth of ideas and new skills, then get to work!

We are sure that you are inspired with the ideas shared by Jean Germeil. You can connect with him via below platforms.

website: www.enforsys.ca

Check the services: Cryptotocards.com

Twitter : https://twitter.com/Sysenfor

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