July 24, 2024

Interview with Lesine – Tattoo & Body Art Artist from Hong Kong, Founder of Lesine Atelier

Lesine is a tatooist based in Hong Kong. She is the founder of Lesine Atelier. Her body arts are unique because she mainly focuses on fineline tattoo, botanical tattoo and ornamental tattoo.  She has also created a set of Oracle cards that focus on nature with a deeper connection.

Recently we could talk with her about her entrepreneur journey. Below is our interview to inspire you with her ideas.

Interview with Lesine

1. Hello! Please tell us about you.

This is Lesine. I am tattooist, based in Hong Kong for now.
Instagram | @le.sinex & @botanicalsword

2. When did your interest in tattoo starts? Please tell us more about your journey as a tattooist.

I have been in design for five years. Three of those years were spent as a tattoo artist – specializd in blackwork which has helped me tremendously to be more in touch with the roots of humanity in a natural twist.

3. What inspired you to launch Lesine?

Tattoo is an extension of my passions to art, design, intuitive exploration.
My goal was to bring in something new for those starting off on a unique journey to self-discovery. It is an important part of my life and continues to inspire me toward self-expression.

4. With other tattoo artists available, what makes your body art unique? How is your body art different from others in the field?

I mainly focus on fineline tattoo, botanical tattoo and ornamental tattoo. As a graphic designer and tattooist, I have created a set of Oracle cards that focus on nature with a deeper connection.

To see things in a different light by going beyond the usual, I decided to create set of designs with visual wonders hoping to emphasize self-reflection and to stimulate your consciousness.
Especially on women’s body, when they have high standards of appearance, body art could help them looking higher and confident. Aligned with their mind, tattoo can be a channel connecting their body and soul.

5. Would you like to share some advice for others who see you as an inspirational artist and a successful entrepreneur?

In life, we all take different steps to know ourselves better. We put on too much weight on what others think of us. We all should work hard on chasing one we truly believe in and pay attention to what we feel the best for ourselves.

To find out more about Lesine ,please check www.lesine.co

Instagram | @le.sinex & @botanicalsword

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