July 25, 2024

Interview with Trevor Swenson – Founder of Agent Live 360

Recently we interviewed Trevor Swenson who is the founder of Agent Live 360.Born and raised in the Midwest he is also the founder and CEO of Dynamic Talent. In 2019, he founded Agent Live 360 with the aim of helping other companies to organize their stuff.

In our interview with Trevor Swenson, he shared his experience and the entrepreneur journey. It is interesting and valuable for anyone. He shared the challenges he faced including advice for other emerging entrepreneurs.

Read our interview below.

Trevor Swenson

1. Hello! Can you please tell us about you?

Born and raised in the Midwest. I attended the University of Minnesota Rochester as a student athlete

in football and baseball. During this time I won the NJCAA football national championship as a

starting offensive lineman. I continued as a scholarship athlete at the University of Minnesota

Crookston studying sports business management. These experiences taught me the sacrifices one must

make in the gym and on the field in order to be a top level athlete and agent for sports and music

talent. Founded Dynamic Talent in 2013 and currently the CEO. Founded Agent Live 360 in 2019

2. Why did you decide to launch Agent Live 360? What inspired you?

I felt there was a huge need in the market for the software. Nothing like this had ever been offered

before. Also sports agents and agencies I felt could use this tool to streamline and increase their


The Inspiration came from looking for my own agency I had at the time.

3. How do you think Agent Live 360 is helpful for its clients?

It give them the software and the tools to help organize their companies. Having less stress about

managing any client is always a great value.

4. Did you face any difficulties or challenges when you decide to launch your own business? As

a young entrepreneur, how did you face the challenges?

Financial obstacles are always a challenge. Keeping support staff happy and making sure the

companies take care of them. Keeping things new and fresh with the software company.

5. With other similar software and services available, what makes Agent Live 360 unique?

To my knowledge we are the first publicly offered software for sports agents. The challenges we face

is to make sure we continue to put forth the best product we can and always continue to add ne


6. Do you have any advice for emerging entrepreneurs?

Step back take an inventory if where you and what you have done to that point. Then tell you self you

can always push for more.

We had great time talking with Trevor Swenson who is the founder of Agent Live 360. We are sure that you are inspired with his entrepreneur journey. His advice for the emerging entrepreneurs is invaluable.

To read more about Trevor Swenson’s services check Agent Live 360 website: www.agentlive360.com

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