July 23, 2024

Meet Saurabh Uttam & Ravi Singhal, Co-Founders of TUBBR – World’s First Personal Social Network

TUBBR is the World’s First Personal Social Network which is an invite-only platform. Just within 5 months it has grown with 200K+ global users. Apart from that there are more than 1 Million+ stories created. Recently we had opportunity to interview the co-founders of TUBBR, Saurabh Uttam & Ravi Singhal. Their entrepreneur journey towards launching TUBBR is inspiring.

Below is our interview. Hope their journey will inspire you.

Co-Founders of TUBBR

1. Hello Saurabh & Ravi! Can you please tell us about yourself?

Hi, I’m Saurabh, an ex Times Internet Growth & Social Media Lead with a strong inclination towards social media products. Started bloggingtofame dot com back in 2008 to help bloggers get noticed on the web and have been selling digital – social media solutions for over 13 years now. I have experience in consulting global brands on digital & social media marketing as well as launching & creating their new products.

Hello, I’m Ravi, former VP at Infosys and currently, Co-Founder at TUBBR. I come with deep Technology Expertise! For the past 20 years, I’ve worked with a lot of large-scale enterprises on their technology, strategy, roadmap, architecture, including consulting the US Federal on IT security.

2. What inspired you both to launch TUBBR?

We, back in 2015 conceptualized the initial idea of the 7dayz app to let people discover what’s happening right now around people & nearby places but soon evolved it to TUBBR.

We realized that people want to connect and have discrete conversations with their friends, family, and beyond their network on shared interests. 

This is making them move away from today’s mainstream social networks to chat-based solutions. And, they are constantly looking for spaces to have relevant conversations, better content management, and the opportunity to monetize their content.

Future of Social Networks is Personal, Discrete & Collaborative. And, TUBBR is the Answer to all of these!

3. TUBBR is a Personal Social Network to help people connect & collaborate better. Do you like to tell us more about how people can use TURBR? 

TUBBR – World’s First Personal Social Network is an invite-only platform with 200K+ global users and more than 1 Million+ stories created in just last 5 months! 

Why “Personal”?

TUBBR enables you to create multiple public/private personal spaces called TUBBR Walls to share stories, chat, collaborate, and even live-stream to people of YOUR choice!

Imagine a personal space for family, school club, gaming group, a showcase of worldwide art community, or just a handful of friends who want to spend time together.

Each TUBBR Wall has an integrated chatbox and with our Beta Launch in Jan 2021, these Walls will be equipped with Live Streaming, Video Chats & Premium Subscription developed in-house.

4. With other Social Network sites available, what makes TUBBR unique? How is TUBBR different from its competitors?

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and their newer variants have won the broad social network game. Yet in the process, they have lost the trust of the very users who allowed them to win in the first place. Now we believe consumers want more than a network—they want to connect with like-minded people and collaborate with them.

On TUBBR, the possibility for users to create multiple personal WALLS gives them the freedom to share a lot more stories on a specific topic, collaborate with people of choice, and have meaningful conversations!

With our upcoming Beta Launch in Jan 2021, we will be empowering our users to monetize their exclusive content via Premium Walls & Paid Wall Specific Live-Streaming Sessions! Creators, experts, celebrities & community leaders will be able to create recurring passive income from their exclusive content and convert their true fans into paying customers! – A Complete Game Changer!

5. Did you face any difficulties or challenges when you decide to launch TUBBR? How did you face the challenges?

Forming a team that understands the product and is equally excited/passionate about the idea is very difficult for startups, but we managed to build a 12 member team with a proven track record of making products, patent owners, and solving complex problems!

The second challenge we faced was to get our first 100 users! On TUBBR, with a lot of word of mouth & referral marketing we have created a pool of 20,000+ content creators globally who are now working as TUBBR product evangelists in their niche to bring their fans on board. Despite being an invite-only platform we now have more than 200,000 users and are growing every day!

6. As young entrepreneurs, would you like to share some advice for others who want to become entrepreneurs?

Get Back Up! No matter how hard it gets, dust yourself off and get back up. Show up consistently and try to get better each day. You’ll outlast and outshine the competition soon enough.

We had great time talking with Saurabh Uttam & Ravi Singhal,co-founders of TUBBR. Their ideas are inspirational. We hope you love to check more about TUBBR and join with this World’s First Personal Social Network. Find more details using below links.

Website: www.tubbr.co
Google Play App Store: check here
IOS App Store: check here

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