July 23, 2024

Meet Jesse Neo – Musician, Entrepreneur and Founder of Music Marketplace Gemtracks

Jesse Neo is a musician and he is a young entrepreneur too. This Australian electronic producer, singer, songwriter and DJ is the founder of music marketplace Gemtracks. Recently we interviewed him on his experience and journey as a musician and a young entrepreneur. This interview will inspire you with new ideas and motivation if you are with entrepreneur spirit.

Let’s read the interview with Jesse Neo , Musician, entrepreneur and founder of music marketplace Gemtracks.

Jesse Neo

1. Hello Jesse! Can you please tell us about you?

I am an Australian electronic producer, singer, songwriter and DJ. I have been musically trained since I was 7. However, it was electronic and pop music that drove me to start releasing my work. Besides being an indie artist, I have also worked as a songwriter for several YouTube channels and media companies

2. When did your interest in music starts? Please tell us more about founding Gemtracks.

I was exposed to classical music since I was young, but that didn’t really fuel my passion until I took an electronic music production class in 2016. I was amazed at the unique sounds that could be made. They were so groovy and somehow warming as well. Suddenly I decided I wanted to be an electronic artist.

Then after working for as a contracted songwriter, I realized that I wanted to create my own music brand where I anyone could buy and sell beats. Hence, that lead to the creation of Gemtracks. 

Jesse Neo

3. Who Are Your Musical Influences?

Besides the classics such as Mozart, Bach, Vivaldi and Chopin, I am also a big fan of all the latest DJs in the world right now, such as David Guetta, Martin Garrix, Hardwell, Calvin Harris and Steve Aoki. I hope one day I can be as big as them.

4. With other musicians and artists available, what makes your music unique? How is your music different from others in the field?

I want to combine classical elements with modern vibes to give my songs a timeless feelings. I also do a lot of experimenting with different vocal effects. Lyrically, my songs are poetic as well and talks about everything from life, love to even the supernatural.

5. You are a Musician. On the other way you are an entrepreneur. How do you balance your career in both sectors as a musician and as an entrepreneur?

I think the advantage I have is that I studied both music and computer science in college. And with the world going through a digital revolution, I am lucky enough to combine both fields into one without much hassle. So typically speaking, by me working on Gemtracks is at the same time, working as a musician too.

6. Would you like to share some advice for others who see you as an inspirational artist and a successful entrepreneur?

Keep doing what you love. It may take years, but you will get there. Just don’t let life get in the way.

We hope that you are inspired with the ideas shared by Jesse Neo who is a musician and an entrepreneur. To read more about him,visit the website : www.gemtracks.com

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