July 25, 2024

Interview with Sha Khadar , Founder of Sha’s Creations

Sha’s Creations is a place that you can find everything natural. From handmade soaps to organic candles to natural essential oils, you will find Sha’s Creations is an ideal place to shop quality products. Recently we had opportunity to interview Sha Khadar , the founder of Sha’s Creations. Her story inspired us. We hope you too will like to read her success as an entrepreneur!

Below is our interview with Sha Khadar, the founder of Sha’s Creations.

Interview with Sha Khadar

1. Hello! Can you please tell us about Sha’s Creations?

Hello! I am Sha Khadar and founder of Sha’s Creations.  At Sha’s Creations you can find everything natural. We have a range of unique products including organic handmade soaps, candles and essential oils.

I grew up by watching my mom. I watched how my mom sewed our clothes, how she did arts and crafts. As a result I improved my skills on handmade items and crafts. Needle point and embroidery are my some of skills.

My husband, mom, children and nieces encouraged me to brand out my work. As a result Sha’s Creations is launched. Our products are 100% handmade and organic. We only use approved materials as ingredients. Each of our product is unique. Therefore our customers like to buy our products and they become regular customers.

2. Why did you decide to launch Sha’s Creations? What inspired you?

My mom inspired me in crafting and artwork. She says a woman’s hands should always be occupied. I could enhance my skills on creating, crafting and sewing by looking at my mom. She is my role model. Later my nieces, my mom and family members encouraged me to launch my own business. As a result Sha’s Creations is born!

3. How do you think Sha’s Creations is helpful for its clients?

Nowadays there are many products which are created with harsh chemicals as ingredients. But most people like to use natural organic products to get the benefits of nature. Our products are 100% natural and organic. And, you will ensure to receive unique products which are handmade. People who look for hypoallergenic products also can get the benefit from our product range.

By creating natural quality products that customers can believe in, I help them to find 100% organic products such as candles, handmade soaps for their usage.

4. With other similar products available, what makes Sha’s Creations unique?

Our products are 100% organic and handmade. We use approved quality materials to all our products. By using pure, organic and fresh materials, we ensure that our clients get the extreme benefits of our handmade products range. This keeps them coming back.

5. Do you have any advice for emerging entrepreneurs?

Don’t keep your talents with you. Show your skills. Believe in you. You can easily achieve your goals and success!

Check her unique and 100% organic products by visiting Sha’s Creations: www.shascreation.com

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