July 25, 2024

Meet Shirley Tay : Lifestyle Influencer at Luxury Haven, an Award-winning Social Media Platform

Luxury Haven is an award winning platform for everything that suits a luxury lifestyle and Shirley Tay is the influencer behind it. From traveling to beauty tips, you can find latest industry updates, products and information when you follow Shirley’s Luxury Haven. She plays many roles as an influencer, blogger and brand ambassador for popular products.

Shirley Tay : Lifestyle Influencer

Recently we interviewed Shirley Tay about her journey as a blogger and as an influencer. Below is our interview with her. During this interview she shared how influencer marketing is effective and how to engage influencers or bloggers for any campaign. These ideas are really helpful for any entrepreneur who would like to engage bloggers and influencers for their marketing campaigns.

Hope you will enjoy reading our interview with Shirley Tay, popular influencer from Singapore!

1. Hello Shirley! Can you please tell us about yourself?

Hello, everyone! I’m Shirley Tay, a Lifestyle Influencer at Luxury Haven, an Award-winning Social Media Platform, bringing you Beauty & Home Improvement Reviews, Recipes, Travel Adventures, Giveaways and more!

I’ve been using social media professionally for over a decade now, and I’m a Brand Ambassador to an Aesthetic Clinic, a Beauty Salon and a Wellness Centre, all in the heart of Orchard Road. I love what I’m doing and feel good especially when my followers leave me positive and caring notes; many of them have been with me since my blogging days in 2009.

2. What inspired you to start your blog? Please share more about it.

My past experience as a Flight Attendant has brought me to many beautiful places to savour the best, and hence, I developed a penchant for good food.  I love experimenting with food, and one day I just decided to share my recipes online as many of my friends can’t cook. I was humbled when my cooking were featured in the US and that was when sponsorships started flowing in.  Somehow, it slowly migrated to beauty with SK-II being one of my first few long-term beauty sponsors. I enjoy writing a lot, and sharing my travel experiences among other lifestyle stories has been my utmost pleasure.

Shirley Tay

3. We can see that recently you have switched to Instagram. Do you think it is a wise decision? Please share more about how you connect with your readers as a Lifestyle Influencer.

Last July, I decided to stop blogging after 10 good years and I’ve to say it was a difficult decision. I’m grateful to have very generous and supportive clients over the years, and they thought it would be a waste to stop completely and suggested that I move to IG instead. It was a blessing in disguise as many of my sponsors chose to stay with me, especially the long-term ones.

As for connecting with my followers, I create content on both FB and IG as each of these platforms works differently; for example, Instagram should be more photo-based. I’m more active in FB as I can post my reviews using my business page, while I interact with my followers under my personal account on a daily basis sharing mainly my cooking, beauty and wellness regimen. It’s extremely heart-warming to receive positive comments on my posts, such as the recent ones below:

“i never get bored or tired of seeing your Facebook. I’m so happy to see everything inside, all positive vibes.” Beatrice Toh, 23 Nov on my Wagyu Online Shopping post.

“Excellent pairing, clam and mussels, mentaiko prawns… perfection^^……been years as started off with your online blog after seeing you on papers haha.. thankful for your selfless sharing all through the years, not just through recipes and lifestyle posts, learnt to be a better person through all these little snippets^^” Rei Foh, 16 Jul 2020 on my Online Grocery Shopping post.

For me, the best part of being an Influencer is being able to inspire my followers.

4. As a Lifestyle Influencer how do you help businesses to grow?

Influencer marketing helps improve brand awareness, increases traffic, and drives a brand’s message to their target audience.  Luxury Haven is a voice that helps businesses engage with their audience, & my clients are mainly from Singapore, US & Europe. 

Through the years, Luxury Haven has hosted countless giveaways, and these avenues bring an increase of traffic to businesses’ websites and Facebook/Instagram pages. Giveaways help to reach out to a wider audience, helping brands gain more recognition. When I choose to work with a brand, it’s because I believe in it, and I’m comfortable placing my name next to it.

Shirley Tay-influencer-blogger

5. Do you think influencer marketing is still powerful? What is your idea on this?

Credible Bloggers/Influencers hold a certain level of influence over their followers due to their reliability as well as quality of their content. Influencer marketing is a powerful and cost-effective tool of partnering with these influential groups to shape their audience’s purchasing approach and decisions.

6. As a popular blogger and influencer in Singapore, would you like to share some advice to other entrepreneurs who wish to engage influencers for their marketing campaigns? 

Partnering with a Blogger or Influencer has great potential for your brand as it increases brand awareness and reach. There are tons out there, but do look for one with quality and high credibility.

When choosing a Blogger/Influencer, identify one with followers similar to your target audience to help you reach your goals.  Depending on your brand’s goals and budget, you should have deep pockets if you’re looking for Macro-Influencers with 50,000 and above followers. Else, Micro Influencers do offer a lot of potential too.

You can conect with Shirley Tay when you visit her blog and social media channels.

Website: https://www.luxuryhaven.co/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LuxuryHaven

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/luxury.haven/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/ShirleyTayBlackswan

If you like to be featured on our site, contact us with details and why you are worth featuring. We also offer different advertising options for business branding.

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