July 24, 2024

Interview with Andy Jacob, CEO of The Scottsdale Angels & Jacob Consulting Group

Hello, today we are here with Andy Jacob, CEO of The Scottsdale Angels and The Jacob Consulting Group. Andy is also known for his Beautiful StartUp Quiz, which asks startup entrepreneurs the 11 most important questions about their business as they are getting started. Andy gives this quiz away for free to anyone who asks.Andy is known for solving complex business problems fast, and we are happy to have you here today.

Interview with Andy Jacob

1. Andy, can you please tell us what makes the Jacob Consulting Group different than other consulting groups?

What makes us different is we work fast. With many other groups, it can take weeks or months for them to figure out what is going on with a business. I have developed a unique way to get to the heart of business improvement matters by asking the right questions, thus saving a lot of time. Time is money. So we move in like a swat time, get out, and the only casualty left behind is our client’s competitors.

2. Why did you decide to launch The Scottsdale Angels? What inspired you?

I’ve gone through the angel process myself, and the process can be a drain of energy for the entrepreneur. Some angels just want to remain relevant, so they waste a lot of valuable time from the entrepreneur. I wanted to have a safe place for entrepreneurs to get quick answers, expert advise, and the possibility of funding.
We do everything super fast. Also, there are a lot of dream stealers in the angel world. I’ve seen a number of business that were passed on by sophisticated investors that have become a smashing success. Entrepreneurs don’t need negativity from a guy or a gal that hasn’t done anything for the past 20 years. Entrepreneurs need solid advice, which comes from asking the right questions.

3. How do you think The Scottsdale Angels is helpful for entrepreneurs?

We don’t waste time. We ask the right questions so we can direct companies. We put entrepreneurs first. If we can help, we let them know. If not, we give them advice, and our doors are always open.

4. What is the most interesting business that you have seen recently at the Scottsdale Angels?

I like startups that actually have paying customers. I have spoken recently to one Arizona startup that looks promising as it has many paying customers from just one small Facebook ad. The business is in the fitness and exercise space, and they have a unique selling proposition. I also like a new company called extrememist.com. Great idea, great entrepreneur, great target market.

5. Do you have any advice for emerging entrepreneurs?

Take the free Beautiful StartUp Quiz. It’s eye opening, and can help stop entrepreneurs from making huge mistakes. Then call me. Let’s talk.

You can connect with Andy Jacob by visiting any of his websites.



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