July 23, 2024

Interview with Boris Acevedo – Founder of KB Media and the KB experiment

Boris Acevedo is the founder of KB Media and few other ventures. Also known as King Boris, his podcast series ‘the KB Experiment’ was a hit in the industry. His entrepreneur journey wass not so smooth. He faced many challenges but he could face those challenges well until he is successful. Today our entrepreneur interview is with Boris Acevedo about his successful journey. Hope this interview will inspire you!

Boris Acevedo

1. Tell us about yourself

My name is Boris. I go by King Borris. I’m a 20-year-old in my 40s.
I am a family man. A married man. A humble man. I own “kb media” a media Agency that’s a 360 degree online agency. I learned how to build my personal brand through different strategies in a way that allows me to do it for others.

I have crossed many roads to get here. Up and downs like the feast of us. That’s what brings me here today. As I jumped over and under the hurdles of life, I kept running. Battered and bruised through the journey. This lead to me creating my own podcast called “the kB experiment”. I want to hear other people’s journeys talk about the trials and tribulations. Most of all, how they got there. It’s important for others to hear and know that we are all human. We all bleed red. We all go through tough times.

2. How did you become an entrepreneur?

Ever since I was little, I always had the character to sell something to someone. Separate from a regular job. I didn’t grow up with much money, so I did what I had to do to earn extra income to buy my toys and things that I wanted back in the 90s. I sold bicycles, fixed bicycles. I would find things in the trash and rebuild them and resell them. It was just some thing that came easy to me. Once eBay came out, it was a great platform where I learned to work with many more items that can be sold. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. At one point I try to give up and just work a regular job. But I couldn’t do it, the entrepreneur life just followed me around. So I embraced it and continued on a path of making my own decisions and using my surroundings to help with my income. There is a certain type of freedom when you can control your own value, money and freedom.

3. What were some of the challenges you faced?

I faced many challenges all through my life. All the way up to today. Learning lessons the hard way when it comes to business relationships inconsistency. Not knowing how financing works, how to control the money flow. Never educating myself and figuring out how to properly run a business and create profits. So my biggest challenge was the lack of knowledge when it comes to the business and the financial knowledge someone needs to succeed.

4. What are your current ventures?

My current ventures include “the KB experiment” podcast

kB media – a 360 degree online media agency

I’ve also started the process of KB consulting, KB University, KB merch. So as I involve selling products teaching others and helping others is all part of the venture moving forward.

5. Any advice to up-and-coming entrepreneurs?

Write down your goals.
Create a roadmap of what it is you wanna do and how it is that you will get there. You have to be as clear as possible so you know where you’re going in your journey. Take all the advice that you can, while learning from other peoples mistakes. In today’s world there’s no excuse for ignorance due to the abundance of technology and resources in our pocket. So use it wisely, and be consistent.

6. Where do you See yourself in five years?

In five years I will be in a very good place. I see myself owning real estate that will hold down my family for generations. Building up from the foundation I created in this empire that will sustain itself for some time. My goal is to pass on generational wealth to my family and their families.

I see myself as a positive influence on society based on my experiences that I’m sharing with the world. Helping others that were in my situations or worse see that there is a light in a brighter future for them. I’ve been in the dark for many years and I know how it feels. I want to be that late for others so they can live better lives.

I see myself helping people in the shadows of my life. Chair is not some thing that should be flaunted and Sean to the world as a trophy

We had great time talking with Boris Acevedo. check his work by visiting www.kingboris.com

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