July 23, 2024

Interview with Jack Freeman, the Founder of Only Freedom Matters

Jack Freeman is the founder of onlyfreedommatters.com and he founded onlyfreedommatters.com with the goal to inspire everyone to chase their passion to find freedom. We are glad that we could have a quick interview with him regarding his successful journey as an entrepreneur. He shared his ideas and challenges as an entrepreneur. This interview with Jack Freeman will inspire you if you are in the path of becoming a successful entrepreneur!

Below is our interview with Jack Freeman, founder of onlyfreedommatters.com

Interview with Jack Freeman


1. Hello! Can you please tell us about yourself and Only Freedom Matters?

Hello, of course, my name is Jack Freeman, and I create onlyfreedommatters.com with the goal to inspire everyone to chase their passion and use that passion to find freedom.
I achieved financial freedom making money online from my blog onlyfreedommatters.com and other online ventures. I was tired of working 9-5 slaving away and pursued my obsession if making money online a freeing my self from the corporate world. I want to help everyone else do the same. It is possible for everyone.

2. Why did you decide to start writing Only Freedom Matters? What inspired you?

I created onlyfreedommatters.com with the goal to inspire everyone to chase their passion and use that passion to find freedom so that they can become the best version of themselves. Freedom provides one with the life they want to live. They can live congruently with who they really are, every minute and second of their life. We only have one life so we need to make the best of it.

3. How do you think Only Freedom Matters is helpful for its readers?

It is helpful for all readers who want to reach freedom because I have achieved it and want everyone else to achieve it. I share all my knowledge and everything I have learned on my path to freedom. It’s a great blog because I am sharing free advice on many other topics such as relationship advice, fitness advice, and more.

4. With other similar blogs and websites available, what makes Only Freedom Matters unique?

I feel like my no bullshit style of expressing my thoughts through writing is unconventional and sometimes not politically correct. However I don’t care as I only want to convey the truth as simply and truthfully as possible. Sometimes people don’t need to be coddled. Sometimes people need a swift kick in the ass to get going.

5. Do you have any advice for emerging entrepreneurs?

Chase your dreams, but be Obsessed about it. Michael Jorden succeeded because he was obsessed about basketball, Muhammad Ali achieved his dreams because he was obsessed about boxing. Look at all the best successful people in their field, you will see they are obsessed in their domain. I mean look at the best Fortnite player, I guarantee he or she is obsessed with the game. Do you see a common trend here?

You can connect with Jack Freeman by visiting  www.onlyfreedommatters.com


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