July 24, 2024

Interview with Ryan Eagle : World Recognized Business Financier and Operator

Ryan Eagle is a world recognized business financier and operator who has founded few companies. Through his business XCell Fund, Ryan Eagle helps others to be successful in investments.  Sidago Integrated Solutions is another business founded by Ryan Eagle which centralizes all business activities under one organization.

Recently we interviewed Ryan Eagle to find out how he became an entrepreneur and how was his entrepreneur journey. Below is the interview we had and we are sure that you all will like to read his story!

1. Hello Ryan! Please tell us about yourself.

I’m 33 years old and living in Chicago. I’m a father, soon to be husband, business owner and financier. I’ve been running hugely successful companies for two decades now and have gone through the roller-coaster of successes and failures to come out the other side. I’m a big believer in the power of manifestation, God, and positivity. Even though this interview is focused around business, the most important thing to me is my family and those that I care about.

2. How did you become an entrepreneur?

Thank God for computers! I made my first website when I was in 5th grade after reading HTML for Dummies and my first business when I was 13 or 14 years old. When I got a license, I bought a BMW in cash from profits that I made running my own little business that sold digital game items. Around that time, my websites absolutely took off and the advertising revenue from them exploded giving me the freedom to work from home. The rest is history!

3. What inspired you to launch XCell Fund? Please tell us more about it.

Before XCell Fund, I ran an advertising company that grew immensely largely from the investments that I made into other businesses. I realized that my skill was far greater than simply operating my own business, I could use my expertise to advise businesses that I invested into. XCell Fund is primarily focused in the small cap and mid cap public sector, but we also have several private investments we are working to take public. We have many large private placements into companies in the mining, cryptocurrency, hemp and technology sectors. Through Sidago, we also provide auxiliary services to these investments to make sure that I see returns and the companies succeed.

4. You also have founded Sidago which is an outsourcing and offshoring firm. Do you like to share more about the idea behind Sidago?

Sidago was started a bit before XCell Fund and was a way for me to generate capital to invest via XCell Fund and provide internal resources to investments that we work with. Sidago works with medium+ sized businesses and provides offshoring, consulting and advertising services to them along with providing these resources to my other companies. It sounds technical, and maybe it is, but the core function is a centralized base for employee assets to be used for all my companies and clients.

5. How do you manage multiple businesses successfully? Isn’t it challenging?

The only limits we have are self-imposed and throughout the years I learned how important it was for me to step out of my comfort zone. When I start businesses I operate them by myself and slowly phase out of working by hiring people. I’m very good at operations so I can easily hire and divide work effectively to employees of mine, lessening the amount of time I need to be involved with the actual work over time.

6. As an entrepreneur, would you like to share some advice for others who want to become entrepreneurs?

Don’t give up before the miracle happens. There is nothing easy about running a business but if you compare it to getting a job it’s almost as stable in today’s economy – but the upside is greater. With any business in the beginning you will make very little or nothing, but as you scale and grow you can reach new heights impossible with a normal job. Never surrender!

To read more about Ryan Eagle,visit the website:  www.ryaneagle.com

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