July 23, 2024

Interview with Patrice Shavone Brown, Owner of Restoring Bodies and Minds LLC , Speaker and Life Transformation Coach and Author of Secrets Of A Crazy Mental Health Counselor

Patrice Shavone Brown is a Mental Health Counselor, Book Author and Motivational Speaker from North Carolina.She is the author of popular books including books “Secrets Of A Crazy Mental Health Counselor”. She is also the owner of Restoring Bodies And Minds, LLC which is a mental health counselling agency for adults.

Recently we had the opportunity to interview her regarding her success story as an entrepreneur. Below is our interview with her. Hope her experiences and advises will inspire you!

Interview with Patrice Shavone Brown

1. Hello! Can you please tell us about yourself?

I am Patrice Shavone Brown, Mental Health Counselor, Book Author and Motivational Speaker from North Carolina. I am the Owner Of Restoring Bodies And Minds, LLC a mental health counseling agency for adults. I have written three life changing books “Secrets Of A Crazy Mental Health Counselor” a personal growth and development books that inspires ladies to be driven for balance and change in life. I have written two children’s books that focus on family development and issues. “The Day Momma Made Me Dance” “We Blend Well Together”.

2. Why did you decide to start Restoring Bodies and Minds LLC? What inspired you?

Restoring Bodies And Minds, LLC was started to help people learn to cope with Mental Illness and seek change in their lives. The purpose is to help people understand and live with their mental illness and change for the better. I was inspired to start Restoring Bodies And Minds because i have always been around Mental Illness and sickness my entire life. There is always a social issue that we are avoiding in life and because of that the world needs people like me to help. I am natural born helper and leader that helps people live better.

Interview with Patrice Shavone Brown


3. How do you think your coaching sessions and your book ‘Secrets Of A Crazy Mental Health Counselor’ helpful for others?

My coaching and counseling sessions are different because i am straight forward with my consumers. I dont hide my true self with my clients and in the book i disclose a great about myself to the world.  I am helpful to the world because of my life’s journey is similar to so many but yet still different. I am motivater to the sick, helpless, broken and hurt people of the world.

4. With other similar coaching services available, what makes your life transformation sessions unique? How ‘Restoring Bodies and Minds LLC’ stand out from the crowd?

As the leader of Restoring Bodies And Minds, LLC i myself have had to go through a transformation phase in my life. From being impoverished to rising on the business level, i understand hope. From having to choose abortion or career, i understand decision. From walking away from horrible men and gossiping family members, i understand love. From seeing my mother, grandmother,best friend and director all die within a 2 year period from Cancer, i understand death.  From seeing my sister struggle from birth with a brain tumor, surgery after surgery, i understand pain, sickness and miracles. So i am helpful and stand out to the crowd because i can empathize and sympathize with people because i was once wearing their shoes.

Interview with Patrice Shavone Brown

5. Did you face any difficulties or challenges when you decide to start your organization ‘Restoring Bodies and Minds LLC’? As a female entrepreneur, how did you face the challenges?

Yes, in the book “Secrets Of A Crazy Mental Health Counselor” I disclose the obstacles i faced with the MCO’s trying to shut me down or harassing me. I faced obstacles with hiring the wrong people giving me a bad name. I faced obstacles with family members and jealousy. I faced budgeting issues in the beginning as i was trying to do too much at one time. I believe God was in control of  me and the business. The Lord has and still has his hands all over me and my business. I remember being in the fire of harassment and slander of my business and having to prove myself and who i was called to be and do. To make a long story short, i survived because of my organization skills, paperwork and drive to prove my rightful place in the Mental Health Business industry.

6. Do you have any advice for emerging entrepreneurs?

Stay in your lane, mind your own business, never focus on what the other people around you are doing. Seek approval and validation from no one but God. Strive to be like you and better than what you were on yesterday. No one on earth is perfect and will never be so perfection.

You can connect with Patrice Shavone Brown by visiting her websites and social media platforms.





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